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It’s House Guest week on Restored Style. Yippeee! Hold onto your hats – I have some super wonderful guests scheduled for you. Monday through Thursday I’ll be featuring a different blogger, and the week wraps up with a killer TGIDIYFriday craft. Sound like a plan? Here we go…

When I became obsessed with home blogs and all the inspiration that could be found online a few years ago, Yellow Brick Home was one of the very first blogs that caught my eye. Kim and Scott’s style is super refreshing and fun, and they’ve perfectly showcased how a small home can live BIG. What I’m currently in love with in their home (it changes almost monthly!) is their new office – so many things to love! I’ll let Kim tell you more about how the room came together, but be prepared to fall in love with pink walls and their pretty peach canvas chair…

We’re Kim and Scott from Yellow Brick Home, and we share a bitty Chicago home with an energetic pup and his two kitty sisters. We’re thrilled to be here today, as Kirsten has amazing, attainable style, and she’s been a big inspiration to us! (For real; check out our DIY doormat, an idea taken straight from the pages of Restored Style.)

Today, we want to share with you an evolving project that’s been in process for the last several months. I work from home as a custom pet portrait artist, and up until this year, I haven’t had the proper area to set up shop, so to speak. Running a business in the place you call home can be somewhat confusing; the lines from work to play can blur so easily. To remedy this situation, we’ve recently flipped our home office into… well, another office. An office with more function; a home studio. Here’s how it started:

We loved the space (having given it a mini face lift not too long ago!), and while it seemed fairly efficient, it was no longer working for our evolving needs. Over the years, the office felt more like Scott’s sanctuary. It was where he checked his email and a place where he could decompress after a day at the office. It was navy and grey; it was made for a boy. And although I worked from home, I used a laptop at the kitchen counter, and when I painted pets, I did this at a table in the kitchen and living area. It no longer made sense, and as my business grew, it became clear that I had outgrown the counter. It seemed to me very dramatic at the time; Scott announced that it was time we made the room my own. He’s been my biggest supporter, and this was his biggest push.

The room is a very small 8′x10′, with usable space coming in at 8′x8′. Our whole home is a battle of inches, and this was no exception. With the walls being lined with heavy storage and a desk being taken over by a desktop computer, a whole new configuration was needed. For this to be a place for me to paint, maintain orders and keep the shop going day to day, I needed space. I needed a larger desk and open, airy storage to see my supplies. I needed a place to call my own and a door to close at night to signal the end of a work day; Scott whole-heartedly agreed. And with that, Operation Studio was born.

We started from scratch, pinned ideas along the way, and carefully worked on the room one step at a time. After gutting the room, the walls got a fresh coat of pale pink (Olympic Diana):

We continually checked back to our pin boards, thought (and re-thought) our ideas that would make the most sense for a productive workflow, and we spent hours searching the web for furniture with low depth – or how to make our own furniture.

And that’s what we did. We made (and made and made!). First, it was the floating fauxdenza:

Then, we took an Ikea shoe cabinet, sliced it up for good measure, and turned it into hidden storage for unsightly cables, hard drives and overflow paint palettes:

We created a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants wall unit (with no plans other than a hand drawn sketch):

And to complete the built-in look of the shelves and draw your eye upwards, we took a break and hired a professional to install crown molding. (You may also notice Kirsten’s dining room print on our gallery wall! After spotting it in her house tour, I knew it was the perfect motto for my place of work.):

After deciding on and laying down a Flor rug, we wheeled my painting table out of the kitchen and into it’s new home – after it received a new color and dipped legs:

Only then could I concentrate on filling those shelves with my Pet Shop products, stationary, painting supplies and more art (a hot pink T-Rex never hurts, either!):

And to bring you to the present, we recently took a chair passed down from my grandparents and had her reupholstered in a peachy canvas (an ongoing saga that has us begging the question, to DIY or not to DIY?):

We’ve been documenting the studio to-dos in our virtual corner of the web (see where we’ve left off at the bottom of this post), and we’re thisclose. I’ve been officially working out of the space for the last month, and it feels amazing. Strange at times, but mostly, I feel so fortunate to call this my place of business.

There are still window treatments to be made, but other than that, even I can’t find a reason to keep primping the room (famous last words?). It’s incredible to spend my days going to work (across the hall from the bedroom!), and it’s better to know that, if I’d like, I can leave the room a big mess of paints, canvases and puppy photos and shut the door and call it a day.

We hope you enjoyed the studio tour, and we’d love to have you stop by our Yellow Brick Home. You can see a full house tour here, or see my studio pet creations at the Pet Shop right here. Thank you, Kirsten, for having us today!

Thank YOU for stopping by today, Kim and Scott!

2 thoughts on “House Guest! Yellow Brick Home

  1. Laura Said:

    Such an inspiring room and perfectly put together! Love it!

  2. Holly Said:

    That is fantastic!!! You are quite talented with your slicing and dicing of those pieces to create your own look. I love the addition of the FLOR tiles and that chair. This is so so fun – I love it!! Great work.


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