I SPY! c/dock

When I saw the c/dock, I knew I had to have it. The only problem is, it doesn’t exist yet. Well it exists, but it’s not available for the general public to purchase, or anyone, for that matter. The c/dock is a product design project by two Portland peeps. They are currently in the fundraising stage, and you can help “fund” this project by pledging dollars of support on Kickstarter.com.



The concept is simple. The c/dock is a good-looking, compact, and functional iPod docking station. It comes in two “colors” – solid walnut with either a brushed aluminum or glossy resin face plate. Simply start your clock app of choice, slide your phone into the c/dock,  and let the charging begin! The c/dock can also be used for viewing photos, or as a mini flatscreen.


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Isn’t it too cute for words?  Wouldn’t this little number look stellar on a bedside table? If $20,000.00 is pledged by August 19th, they are in business. With 38 days of fundraising to go, the c/dock still needs more than $18,000.00. Goooo c/dock – I’m cheering for you!

3 thoughts on “I SPY! c/dock

  1. katie Said:

    oh, i love that! i’ve been searching for the perfect alarm clock and haven’t been able to find one (at least not one that i can afford). hope that they are able to make it!

    1. kirsten Said:

      I know – me too! It’s so darn cute.

  2. Kati @ so happy home Said:

    Genius! Except the name could do with some tweaking… it’s reading a bit, er, naughty to me. But I’d totally buy one. Off to kickstarter.com …


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