I SPY! Jayson Home Accessories

It’s time for a little Jayson Home love because it’s always fun to look at things you can never afford.

Here are my top accessory picks for Fall!

Feathered Shaped Trays

Reclaimed Whale

Numbered Boxes


Boucle Wire Shop Baskets


Moroccan Dessert Plates

For plenty more lovely accessories, visit Jayson Home here. As usual, I didn’t include prices because it makes looking not very much fun when there’s an expensive price tag attached to something you love. I truly appreciate the authenticity of Jayson Home – it’s one of my favorite places to browse online. Happy looking!


One thought on “I SPY! Jayson Home Accessories

  1. Gloria Said:

    Last week I bought a feather tray online from Kohl’s, it looks just like those picture and was only $8. Of course, its not porcelain, but it still looks great. I accidentally almost threw it away though! I had some other exciting items in the box and forgot I even bought the feather tray. Yesterday, I saw the charge and remembered. I raided the box and there it was! So glad the holiday made us miss trash day or I would have thrown it away!

    That whale is incredible! And WOW! NOT cheap. I have a piece of driftwood hanging around that needs some purpose, it’s been awhile since I’ve carved anything!


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