I SPY! My Sparrow

Morning lovelies!

I am over the moon excited to tell you that our carpet has been installed! Who knew I’d be so darn excited about carpet?! The “mushroom bisque” color  is just peachy and I promise I will show you pictures later this weekend. Hooray for checking that off our “to do” list. It’s been a long time coming…

In other news…I have a lovely online shop I MUST share with you. I stumbled upon it while trying to find the below metal sphere lantern.

I was SO excited to have found this light fixture I’d been searching all over for, but I quickly lost my smile when I saw the $1,250.00 price tag. Ouch. With that said, My Sparrow’s online shop had lots of other goodies. Here are a few of my favorite items.

my sparrow online shop

Metal Sphere Lantern

my sparrow online shop

Blackbird Fly Art Painting

my sparrow online shop

Industrial Wire Trays

my sparrow online shop

Architects Console Table

my sparrow online shop

Kantana Square Pillow

my sparrow online shop

Sea Fan Bowl

my sparrow online shop

Carly Single Light Fixture

This online shop has it all – fabric, lamps, light fixtures, furniture, tableware – you name it, they have it. In short, My Sparrow is my style. I want everything! My Sparrow also has an etsy shop, which can be found here. 

For now, I’ll continue to save my pennies in hopes I can one day afford the metal sphere lantern. It’s a statement piece and it must be mine:).

Cheers to a happy week!

3 thoughts on “I SPY! My Sparrow

    1. kirsten Said:

      Shannon! Love this fixture! THANK YOU so much for passing along the link!

  1. Kate S. Said:

    I know you said you’ve been searching for some time, but those two fixtures, while similar, are definitely not the same. The greater number of spokes on the second one really ruins it for me.

    Here are a couple other options:


    and my personal favorite:



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