I SPY! Pretty Pegs

Hallelujah for Friday! It’s been one long and very wet week here in Portland, and I’m super ready for some relaxing days with Kyle. And word on the street is that the sun is coming out to visit on Saturday. Bring it.

Have you guys heard of Pretty Pegs? Simply put, replace your IKEA legs with a set of customized Pretty Pegs and add some color and style to your furniture!


These lovely pegs screw into IKEA beds and sofas and give you an opportunity to truly personalize your IKEA piece. Look how different the above couches look with new legs. Such a refreshing fix!┬áRemember, it’s the details that make the design and that’s where Pretty Pegs come in – they transform any ordinary piece of furniture into your piece of furniture.

You’ll find a multitude of different leg options and colors on the site – it’s legit. I’m a personal fan of the pink spindle leg, and I’m not even a pink gal. I love the little pop of color it brings to the above couch.

Enough of me rambling – what pretty peg would you choose?

Happy weekend, friends!


6 thoughts on “I SPY! Pretty Pegs

  1. Jennifer Said:

    Did you read my mind?!?! I’ve been looking for some cool pegs! Thanks!

    1. kirsten Said:

      Hi Jennifer! Aren’t these fun?! I just couldn’t resist their cuteness!

  2. Olivia Said:

    I pinned that a few weeks ago!! sooo fun. saving all of these ideas away for my next home :)

  3. Kayleigh Said:

    I love these pegs and soooo wish I lived by an Ikea! So not fair!

    @ The Gotta Have It Girl


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