I SPY! Red

I’m blaming my silence yesterday on the SFO airport. I swear, whenever I fly outta there, I’m delayed. And delayed again. We had an amaaaazing time in Palm Springs, but getting home after midnight made me super pooped. But I’m back in action today sharing one of my favorite new stores with you.

There are ohhh so many reasons I love Pinterest, but what I love most about it is discovering new etsy sellers and stores. A recent find of mine is Red. This store has so many treats it’s hard to decide what tab I should click on first. I ordered this scarf from the online store, only to find out they have amazing decor pieces, furniture, and gifts too. Not to mention, they have free shipping in all categories on purchases under $200, which is just another reason for me to shop my heart out. Here are a few of my favorite things at Red.


Red’s stuff is just different. It’s cool and fresh and I love that. It’s not overdone or predictable. ¬†And most importantly, Red’s customer service is amazing. Now, anyone ever been to Red in person in Texas?! If so, spill the beans!

6 thoughts on “I SPY! Red

  1. ErinY Said:

    You’re so bad! lol Fredericksburg is only like 45 minutes outside of San Antonio! I can hear it calling my name now!!

    1. Megan Clark Said:

      Erin, I’m in San Antonio, too! Yay for another Restored Style fan down South. xo!

  2. HMC Said:

    looks great! there’s also this amazing store in Houston that i adore – http://www.shopbybrown.com/ she sells beautiful antiques from Europe on first dibs, too. Really nice woman, cute store and wonderful collection and eye.

  3. Erica HB Said:

    Ahhh!! You keep posting links to things I don’t (really) need! I love it, haha!
    Speaking of RED, are there any similar stores in the Portland area? I am making my first trip out there this fall and am starting to put together a list of “must visits”, so any recommendations would be much appreciated!

  4. Angie Said:

    Red is one of my favorite stores in Fredericksburg! Each time I walk through the doors I find something I didn’t see the last time. The cardboard animals are awesome and can be painted or covered with vintage maps for a different look! I painted one of the deer heads in camo as a present for my brother’s birthday!

  5. Megan Clark Said:

    Totally going there – we have a day trip planned to Fredericksburg this fall. LOVE IT! (Come with me?)


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