There are SO many reasons to fall in love with SKOY cloths. Read the facts below and you’ll understand why I’m not wasting any time “selling” you on these miracle cloths.

  • Paper towel replacement that acts like a sponge
  • Has an absorption factor of 15 times its own weight
  • Each 4-pack replaces 60+ rolls of paper towels (yes, you read that correctly)
  • Biodegradable/compostable -  tests show SKOY clothes dissolves completely in 5 weeks
  • Can be washed in your dishwasher, washing machine or microwave and is dryer safe
  • Made of cotton & wood pulp cellulose
  • Can clean with just water
  • Dries quickly so bacteria doesn’t have time to grow
  • Non-toxic, chlorine free
  • SKOY cloth

    Image by SKOY Cloth

    You would think these cloths would be spendy because they truly work wonders, but the above 4-pack can be bought online for only $6.99 here.  And if you do the math, if each cloth replaces 15 rolls of paper towels, you can save some serious money (and the environment too!) by investing in a pack of SKOY cloths. I guess I am going to have to find a way to upcycle my paper towel holder, because SKOY cloths just took over my kitchen.

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