I SPY! Small Wall

Oh goodness. I have never been more ready for a Friday. Never! With that said, I’ll be a busy bee this weekend, as I’m co-hosting a small baby shower for one of my dear friends. I will absolutely share pics with you on Monday of the “Sip & See” we’ve orchestrated. Fun times ahead…

Today I have a nifty new product to share with you. It’s called Small Wall and it makes choosing the right paint color much easier. If you are like me, I’m all over the map when it comes to paint colors, and colors always look different on the wall than they do on the paint sample. Always (what’s up with that?)! I absolutely recommend buying paint sample jars before investing in a gallon of paint. And now, I’m always going to recommend picking up a pack of these sample boards at the store:


So, what is Small Wall? Small Wall is a practice palette for your paint jobs. Just buy the pack, paint the sample board (no primer or special treatments needed) and peel off the adhesive strip and place on your wall. You’ll get to really see what your potential paint color looks like and you can easily move the board to other areas of the room, where the light is different.


With a few small sample paint colors and Small Wall, landing on the right color of paint is a heck of alot easier. Promise! Believe me, I know it’s a pain to go back and forth and back and forth from the home improvement store, but picking the right paint color is over-the-top important. It can make or break a room. I am giving you this advice because I have painted ENTIRE rooms three times because I wasn’t pleased with the color. Never again. Small Wall makes your paint choice regret-free and can be found at these retailers nationwide.


With our bathroom needing a new paint job, I am counting on Small Wall to lead me in the right paint direction…any suggestions on a pretty light green color?


*I just have love for Small Wall – no ads here!

3 thoughts on “I SPY! Small Wall

  1. Karol Said:

    For a nice light green wall color look at Farrow & Ball Cooking Apple Green. I just used it on my kitchen cabinets and love it. Easy to coordinate with other colors too.

  2. Kelly Meakins Said:

    I am a sucker for the Silver Sage signature color at Restoration Hardware – we have it in our bathroom and it’s just the perfect soothing mix of clean, modern, and classic. :) Love it!!

  3. Donna Frasca Said:

    I would like to recommend Hearts of Palm, it’s a Sherwin Williams color – nice yellow undertone makes it a very happy green. I’ve used it several times for my clients with great results.


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