I SPY! Stars Antiques

Morning friends! We were blessed with another ridiculously beautiful blue sky weekend in Portland, and seeing the sun never gets old. We’ve had one heck of a pretty summer, and as much as I am excited for Fall, saying goodbye to warm weather is going to be hard. Really, really hard.

Anyway, in light of this incredible weather, we’ve been out and about quite a bit. The other day we visited Stars Antiques in darling Sellwood, and I was once again reminded how much good stuff lives in those shops. I could have loaded up an entire truck full of delightful things, but I resisted as it was just a “scouting” trip. Here are a few of my favorite finds…

For a girl’s bedroom, check out this pink bed frame and coral dresser. Yes please!

pink bed

And this green chair, for a desk…so perfect!

Old metal items get me every time. This piece could go anywhere – a bedroom, office, living room…wherever storage is needed.

These huge flash cards for a baby’s room or playroom – very vintage! And super cute.

vintage flash cards

I also stumbled across two killer side tables. Note to self: never buy a new side table. There are so many old ones out there just waiting for a new home.

And lastly, this righteous bar cart. It’s glorious. And huge!

vintage bar cart

See, so many amazing things in one place – talk about one stop shopping! Old stuff really is legit, and just buying one vintage piece can absolutely make a room feel eclectic and “lived in” and loved.

One thought on “I SPY! Stars Antiques

  1. Olivia Said:

    I passed by stars friday night but it was already closed. what is the pricing like in there?


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