I SPY! SUN Alphabet Bag

Do you think if I carried this bag around rainy Portland I would get more Vitamin D in my life? Yay? Nay?

Alphabet bags sun

This cheery number is from Alphabet Bags, an online store that makes irrestistable totes like this one above.¬†And the fun doesn’t stop there, Alphabet Bags carries totes that feature intials, numbers, symbols and bold typographic designs like these:

alphabet totes

Helllllllloooooo housewarming gifts! And for that friend who has it all? This bag is for them.

you look lovely bag

And last but not least, these bags are practical! They can serve as purses, library book bags, grocery shopping totes – you name it, they can probably house it. And in true¬†Restored Style fashion, these bags start at $12.50 in U.S. dollars (the site’s prices are in Euros).

You have my permission, order away.

4 thoughts on “I SPY! SUN Alphabet Bag

  1. Lupine Said:

    Kristen, Have you seen the silkscreen tote bag class at MD? You could totally make these yourself! You just print on a pre-made tote, not even a sewing class! These are some real cuties, thanks for the inspirational post.

    1. kirsten Said:

      I certainly have and I need to sign up! Thanks for the reminder – I’ll look online tonight. Oooohhhh, now I’m excited to make my own…

  2. Katie Said:

    These are fabulous! Especially the “You Look Lovely Today” one…such a great find!

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