Remember a long, long time ago (August to be exact) when Kitchen & Bath Makeover Magazine came to visit (see my posts about the staging whirlwind here and here)? Truth be told, I almost forgot too!

After a looong wait, we finally saw our names in print. It’s truly a bizarre thing reading a story about yourself, but its fun to see the kitchen we worked for months and months on get its day in the sun. Here are a few snip-its of the article – I promise to scan in the rest of it soon, as it really does provide some good tips and information about our kitchen remodel (which I get asked about often, so its nice to have a true resourse guide).

As for tomorrow, don’t forget that it’s TGIDIYFriday! Hooray!

10 thoughts on “IN PRINT!

  1. traceyf68 Said:

    That’s so cool Kirsten! I’m gonna pick up a copy of that magazine as soon as I see it. :)

  2. Jenny Smith Said:

    Congrats Kirsten! This is so cool!

  3. Megan Clark Said:

    That big orange K! True love!
    You are amazing.

  4. Jess Said:

    so proud! that beautiful kitchen deserves to be showcased!

  5. katie Said:

    how exciting!! the photographs looks really nice!
    question – how does your oven vent? i have been looking at those slide-in ranges but i don’t want to have to put a big hood over it.

  6. Lauren Said:

    What a beautiful kitchen!!! It’s only right it’s covered in a magazine for all of us to droll over!! Congrats

  7. hmc Said:

    congrat’s! that’s very exciting to see all your hard work rewarded in such a large way :)

  8. heather j Said:

    How cool! Congrats. It must be awesome to see your kitchen in print.


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