I’ve Got Nothing


I’ve sat down to write a blog post every night this week. And I’ve got nothing. Nothing left in my brain worth sharing. I’ll have ideas, but no pictures. Or I’ll have photos, but no interesting story. Is it writer’s block? Or maybe I just became boring? I actually have a hunch that my mind is just too full to produce worthy content right now. Summer is a busy, busy time for me at work and my mind seems to be there the majority of the time.

So instead of me talking and sharing today…I’d like to know…

How do you rest and relax when your brain is full? Do you cook, clean, eat, exercise?

How do you reinvigorate the creative juices?

How do you keep work at work?

Spill it.

For anyone else in a rut, here’s a list that has a few good ideas for staying creative.

33-Ways-to-Stay creative

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with something cool/creative/fun. I’m going to take the advice of No. 26 above and not force it:).

8 thoughts on “I’ve Got Nothing

  1. Kayleigh Said:

    This is a tough one because I work a full time job and blog part time also and it can get hard at times. I recently came upon this article on The House That Lars Built and some of it has been helpful (for blogging): http://www.thehousethatlarsbuilt.com/2013/04/15-minutes-to-better-blog-50-post-ideas.html?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FixXvk+(The+House+That+Lars+Built.)
    But I totally understand what your going through. I try to get away from the computer when I’m feeling flustered or overwhelmed and sometimes I clean. xo, Kayleigh

  2. Kate Said:

    Hi Kirsten! I love your blog! I can totally relate with the writer’s block. You’ve done a beautiful job renovating your new home and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all your posts.
    My cure for writer’s block? A nice glass (or two) or white wine!

    1. kirsten neiman Said:

      Awww, thanks Kate! That’s an excellent idea! Will have to have a few glasses tonight:).

  3. Katelyn Said:

    I know the feeling. Relaxing for me is picking up my knitting! I find the repetition of working the needles and the pattern is a sort of meditation and often helps to bring clarity to my thoughts. I also enjoy picking up a book, especially a non-fiction book, when I’m feeling like I have nothing to share. I think the act of learning something new awakens your mind and often times I put it down with new ideas!
    Hope you can enjoy a relaxing weekend and feel refreshed afterward.

    1. kirsten neiman Said:

      Hi Katelyn! I so wish I knew how to knit! I actually learned when I was little, but I don’t remember much now. I adore a good book, so I’ll have to pick up a few good ones this weekend. Love the ideas!

  4. Claudia Said:

    I love to go outdoors and just think about nothing! NOT to think is a welcome change (and challange). And I can totaly relate to Katelyn’s knitting, even thoug for me it’s Origami – the repetition of the folding patterns clears my mind and I feel so relaxed. But sometimes, and I guess it doesn’t matter how old you are, I just have to call my Mom and tell her all the things that trouble my mind. I may not have a solution afterwards but I feel relieved and revived.

    Btw, I love your blog!
    All the best from Good Ol’ Germany

    PS: A pretty to do-list is also very helpfull! :)

  5. Lindsey Said:

    I love your blog and your style so anything you blog about would be entertaining to me :)

    I like #12 on that list. Sometimes all it takes is opening your mind to all that’s around you and seeing things in a fresh way to get the juices flowing. Taking a different route to work. Wearing a color you never dared to before… Anything small thing can give big perspective!

  6. Laney Said:

    Exercise always does the trick for me:)


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