Junkyard Frame Find

Alright, we are now back to our regular scheduled programming of home goodies and such. Yes! A few weeks ago, I wandered into our neighbor’s yard and then found myself rummaging through his trailer. It was filled with junk, and you know who loves a pile of junk. Me:).

I emerged from the trailer with this little beauty. I brought it home and Kyle asked where I found it. He immediately called me a trespasser and was so embarrassed to hear that his wife was in her slippers, standing in the dirty trailer, picking through junk. I will admit that it’s not a very pretty picture, but I have to think it was all worth it because I am in love with this frame.

I am eventually going to either cover it with fabric or turn in into a little chalkboard or corkboard for my non-existent office, but for now, I decided to do some repairs and use it as a little photo display. This is just a temporary and cheap fix…

First, I unscrewed the worn wood from the back of the frame. Then, it was time to repair a few cracks  - nothing that a little tape and wood glue can’t fix! I carefully glued the broken pieces back together and secured them with tape. I let the frame sit for a few hours until the frame felt sturdy again and the wood glue appeared dry and clear.

Since I haven’t exactly decided what I’m doing with the frame for good, I decided to use craft wire and create my own photo display.

The wire is really easy to work with and use, and it’s fairly heavy duty too. Next, I rounded up a few old photos and random items I had around the house and searched for as many mini clothespins as I could find and started arranging the items on the wire. And that’s it! A mini photo display is born.

 It hasn’t found its permanent home in our house, but for now, it’s hanging out in the guest bedroom.

For all about zero dollars, it’s a decent little find.

13 thoughts on “Junkyard Frame Find

  1. TraceyF Said:

    You are one clever little chicky :D

  2. jenn Said:

    Junk piles are the BEST places to find things :) The shape is darling, and I love what you turned it into!

  3. Lina Said:


  4. Annie Said:

    That sounds identical to a few things I’ve done for a thrifty/free find. Love it! My ma-in-law gave me a frame with the same vibe and I made it into a chalkboard although I love the photo display idea. You could cut out thick cardboard or plywood to match the frame shape, spray some chalkboard paint on it, attach the frame and away you go.

  5. Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door Said:

    It’s so different, I love it! I just found a piece on the side of the road and made my husband help me load it into the trunk while the neighbors watched. So I know how you feel. :) I posted about it today but not sure what I’ll do with it yet.

  6. Tracy Said:

    I have no idea how you come up with this stuff, but it’s amazing! Such a cute idea that I wouldn’t think of in a million years. Love!

  7. kaylan Said:

    did you honestly wander onto your neighbor’s property without permission and take something?

    1. kirsten Said:

      I should have been more clear – our neighbor is a good friend of ours and I would never take anything without his permission. The frame was in his trailer and he was going to take it to the dump. I just saved it before it went there:).

  8. kaylan Said:

    oh good! that image didn’t really jive with who the image you portray as a blogger. i was a bit confused.

  9. Maya Said:

    I just love your blog. You’re so talented and inspiring. Keep up the wonderful posts and I can’t wait to hear how your new business venture is coming along.

  10. Lila Said:

    Adorable. I too love finding things to transform, frames are a particular weakness of mine… Love the use of wire.


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