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It’s official. Blogging is hard in the summer. Especially when you live in a city that only sees the sun a few months out of the year. There are outdoor happy hours, trail runs, weekend getaways, and everything else in between that seem far more important than sitting in front of a computer. When the sun is out in Portland, you bask in it, because before you know it, it’s gone. For a long, long time. So that’s where I have been…I’d like to think that’s an a-okay excuse:)?

Besides enjoying summer, we’ve been, well, enjoying summer. Which also means weddings, ¬†adventuring, and barbequing…here are a few iPhone pics to get you caught up on life.







Oh yes! And how can I forget. We’ve been spreading A LOT of bark dust. Ugh. It’s officially the worst job ever. Sometimes grueling house projects end up as a decent blog post, but not this one. I CAN tell you our new fireplace sconces will be here early next week…which means a fireplace reveal is in the works.

Happy summer weekend to you!



5 thoughts on “Life, Lately

  1. Jenn @ Home Style Report Said:

    Yay for enjoying summer – do it while you can! It’s actually started to get cold around here (Cincy) lately which is WEIRD! Can’t wait to see your sconces!

  2. Kayleigh Said:

    ugh, I’m so jealous as we have been having a rainy Summer down here in New Orleans! My dad just bought a farm 30 minutes outside of Portland (as a retirement gift to himself) so I’m sure we will be spending lots of time out there for years to come especially in the Summer. I can’t wait as I’ve always wanted to be there as I hope to one day move permanently!! Glad you guys are enjoying the nice weather, looks like you had tons of fun! xo, Kayleigh

  3. jimena Said:

    Just found your blog, love it!!

  4. Megan Clark Said:

    Fireplace sconces!!? I need a sneak peek!!! Trying to find a couple of my own and it’s waaaaay harder than I expected. xo

  5. Karmen Said:

    We r visiting pdx ….any favorite restaurants u can suggest…..thks


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