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For whatever reason, I’m having writer’s block, and it’s quite ironic as I’ve never had this many home projects going on at once. In theory, I should have a hecka lot of blog content. Perhaps it’s the full brain that’s keeping me from blogging my little heart out.

Anyway, today we are talking living room paint colors. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear we hope to paint our living room a grayish color…ha! Our last home was filled with grays and I think we’ll continue the trend at our new place. After much thought, I’ve narrowed the field down to four potential Benjamin Moore grays.

And just as a refresher, here’s the living room “before” photos…

The good news is that the room can’t get much worse.

Got a paint opinion? Spill it!

39 thoughts on “Living room paint options

  1. Claire Said:

    I have Revere Pewter in my living room and love it, because it is a perfect neutral gray and not too blue once it dries.

  2. Carla Said:

    I’ve used Revere Pewter, and it’s great. Very warm and changes more to a beigey color in certain lights. Gray Owl keeps popping up on my radar, though, and I think I’m going to give that a try in my hallways.


    I’ve been following along & am so stoked to see your reno progress!!

    We have Gray Owl on every wall in our basement which actually gets quite a bit of light (plus recessed lighting). It’s a great wispy grey color that works w/ everything. It DOES lean a bit towards blue in our house so just want to throw that out there!

    We also have Revere Pewter in our bathroom & I LOVE this color. Wish we would’ve painted every room this.

  4. Kayleigh Said:

    I love the Gray Owl and Revere Pewter out of the four. We painted our living room Benjamin Moore Pewter, but I think its a little too dark for what your going for. Also, our kitchen is Benjamin Moore Harbor Gray, but it may be too light for your living room. I do love them both though. Good luck with the painting!

  5. Heather Said:

    We used Stonington Gray in our bathroom and I love it! It’s a true gray.

  6. Angie Said:

    I vote gray owl, gray owl, gray owl!!!!

  7. Sara Said:

    Gray owl! The others look like they have blue in them.

  8. jessica Said:

    I don’t know if it’s the photo, but some of them look really blue, especially the classic gray. Like everyone else, I’d go gray owl or maybe the revere pewter.

  9. Mara Smith Said:

    Looking at the actual paint on the walls, they all look blue, except for the bottom right color. I’d choose whatever is in the bottom right corner :)

  10. Maura Said:

    Hey kristin! Love your blog (: just wanted to say we have revere pewter in our open family room with a lot of light. It looks grey on grey days here in chicago which is a lot! And warmer on sunny days. Just fyi. I do like it a lot. We also have stonington gray in our bedroom. And it doesnt look like it would but it carries a little blue in it. Much different than revere. Just depends on what u r looking for. Good luck!

  11. Amber Smith Said:

    Of the paint swatches on the wall I like the top left–not sure which name that one goes with.

  12. Caitlin Said:

    My vote is for Revere Pewter! After living for 2 months with 8 different swatches of gray in my entry way/hallway/staircase, we chose Revere Pewter and I couldn’t be happier! We are currently painting our living room the same color since it opens to the entry. Love love love!

  13. Jennifer I. Said:

    I’m liking the gray owl, the others are looking blue and that one looks gray! if that’s the one in the bottom right corner…

  14. Michelle Said:

    We just painted our living and dining room gray owl and love it. I’m in Seattle and it’s a really pretty gray.

  15. Andrea Phillips Said:

    I have by chance just used two of these colors. Classic Gray is very light and doesn’t have any blue undertones in our office, which has an east exposure. I’ve paired it with white trim, a few black accents, and two pieces of antique furniture with warm, dark tones. At times Classic Gray reads almost white. Stonington Gray is much darker and moodier; it works well with the brown leather chair and brown quilt in a guest room.

  16. Nicole Said:

    I went through this same process of elimination in my house and actually ended up with Glidden Smooth Stone, although I did color match it to Behr paint. It’s the perfect, truest shade of gray that I found and it looks great at all times of day in different lighting. I was surprised actually, because I was so confident that I would choose a Benhamin Moore paint color – but none held up as well as Smooth Stone. Several friends have now used it in their homes, baby rooms, etc – so I take that as a good sign. :)

  17. kate Said:

    Bottom right on the wall. The other ones look a smidge blue.

  18. Elizabeth Said:

    we have always used the ACE Hardware brand Italian Marble. Best light gray ever.

  19. Jessica @ This Blessed Life Said:

    I have Gray Owl in my dining room and kitchen and we absolutely LOVE it! That gets my vote for sure. :) It’s a soft gray that has a tint of green (to me) depending on the lighting and time of day. It’s gotten a lot of compliments in our house. We also love Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams (it’s a blue-gray that we used in our bathroom and hallway) and we just painted our baby’s room London Fog by BM (it’s a really neat greige that to me has the faintest purple in it – I love it!). I don’t have the best camera, but here’s two of the colors in action in our house: {Gray Owl} {Sea Salt} Hope that helps a little! :)

  20. gin Said:

    Revere Pewter is stunning. Just did my entire main floor with it and it’s just lovely. So warm and soft, yet wonderfully modern.

  21. ErinY Said:

    I’m totally leaning toward the stonington gray. But I think no matter what you choose it will look great. Hard to go wrong with a neutral and I know all the layering you do with decorating will bring everything together. Keep up the good work-you can do it!

  22. Lauryn Said:

    We have Stonington Gray in my office and I loooove it! Our friends love it so much as well that they have all painted a room in their house the same color and we call it Galloway Gray as a joke! Its reading blue in your picture, and a little green in the top image, but its very clean. Definitely moodier than the others, but still a solid gray.

  23. Kelly Meakins Said:

    Loving the progress updates!! :) We have Revere Pewter in our living room, and complimented by Thunder where we wanted a slightly darker gray. I love it!!! I literally had 15 diff grays painted on the wall and they seemed to be the most neutral….

  24. Laura Said:

    I have Gray Owl in my guest room! I love it but it tends to go blue at certain times during the day. It could just be mixing weird with our honey oak colored trim but still a great color!

  25. Amy Said:

    Gray Owl! Have it in my kitchen and is my favorite color in the house!

  26. Lorilyn Said:

    All gorgeous colors! I personally am going to steal the pewter color to repaint my bathroom with! I can’t tell my husband though or he won’t let me because I painted it three years ago (which is an eternity in home decorating) so I’m just going to do it one day while he’s at work. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission :)

  27. Katherine Said:

    We went with the gray owl for our dining room and absolutely loved it.

  28. Wall Decal Company Said:

    I love the gray owl color looks very classy and can blend with other colors too.

  29. Meg Said:

    We used Stonington Grey in our sitting room off the kitchen and we LOVE the way it turned out. It def shows a hint of blue but I’d say its heavier on the grey. Feels so light and fresh! We always get compliments on the color. We’ve used mostly white furniture, navy rug and some solid natural wood pieces and I think it looks fab! Good luck, can’t wait to see the finished room!

  30. TraceyF Said:

    I have Stonington Grey in two bathrooms, one with a window and one without and I can honestly say that neither bathroom shows any blue in the grey at all. I love it.

  31. Allison Said:

    I agree those looked a little blue but gray is sometimes hard b/c it reads very different with lighting. I had trouble in my home with grays looking blue and ended up with BM 1535 Seattle Mist and I love it! It’s a color in a separate line from their main colors. Hope that helps!

  32. Aaron Said:

    Stonington. We are sold on Benjamin Moore and Powell Paint Center.

  33. Brenda Said:

    My last living room was Revere Pewter. It is a beautiful colour but does look a little like dirt in the evening when there is only lamp lighting.

    I love your blog, just found it. Very informative, well put together and a joy to read.

  34. Karmen Said:

    Any decision on paint color? Are you planning on painting your fireplace?

  35. Fran Said:

    We have burlap sofa and coral chair with striped otter man coral-green-blue-yellow……trying to find the right paint….suggestions

  36. sue Said:

    I would paint the fireplace brick, get rid of the wood above it and paint it out… too many wood colours happening with adjoining room, floors and door
    then one of these grays will work perfectly for you

  37. Maureen Malone Said:

    I’ve been on the creamy gray, wispy hint of blue train with a hue of mushroom taupe for 3 months! I have Revere Pewter in my kitchen with north and south exposure in the room. Both blue, green, taupe and gray show up in fractured light. Very nice. If you are looking for a hint of gray/green BM Halo oc46 looks amazing in a room where the room is relatively dark. Grey Owl is my pick. Both Coventry Gray, Stonington Gray and Smoke Embers were dropped of the contender list. Good Luck. The light exposure will be the final factor between revere pewter and gray owl is my guess. :)


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