Making Merry: Holiday Cards

If you are like me, you are wondering where 2012 went. You might also be wondering how Thanksgiving is next week. How did this all happen? One things is certain – it’s time to start talking holidays!  I love the magic of this season and I’m proud to say Christmas has always been a big source of joy and celebration for my family. To kick off this joyous season, let’s talk holiday cards! Here are a few of my very favorites this year. There’s so many lovely ones, how can I possibly choose?


A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H

What’s your favorite card e-tailer? How do you decide on your holiday card design and photo? Spill it.



5 thoughts on “Making Merry: Holiday Cards

  1. Jennifer I. Said:

    I am loving C and H. How cute!!!

  2. casacaudill Said:

    I used to design our cards and get them printed at various outlets. Last year I decided that it took too much time and stress so I started looking at online shops. After several rounds of “do you like this?” with The Husband, we went with Minted. They were more expensive than other outlets, but the quality was outstanding and the level of customization was a huge positive for us.

  3. Traci Said:

    Love the cards. I am so happy the holidays are finally here! But really, I wanted to follow up on a previous post. Back in June you posted the nursery design board that Jen (from hi fried design) didn’t choose. I’d love to see the board she did choose as well as any photos of the acutal nursery. Please update us! : ) I’m sure her nursery is fantastic and I’d love to see it.


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