Meet Dalton Ghetti

I’m pretty sure this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Dalton Ghetti has a gift. An incredible gift that you all must see.

A razor blade, sewing needle and a sculpting knife are the only three tools Dalton uses. A magnifying glass? Nope. Just those three tools and an incredible amount of patience. He’s never sold any of his artwork and spends anywhere from a few months to years crafting one pencil.

The full article feauturing Dalton is online on Odd Stuff Magazine, and can be found here. It’s a must read, to say the least!

Crazy cool, right? I was speechless after I saw these photos. The best part? These are real, crafted by an outta this world artist. Cheers to you Dalton, you are truly one-of-a-kind.

4 thoughts on “Meet Dalton Ghetti

  1. Two Lovely Spaces Said:

    This is possibly one of the craziest things I have ever seen. WOW. Thanks for sharing. -S

  2. Stacie Said:

    Um… wow!

  3. NIkiah Said:

    This artist is truly amazing–thank you for sharing!

  4. Heather Said:

    My jaw just DROPPED. These are completely amazing. Have you seen the fingernail sculptures by the artist Tim Hawkinson? Google him–you will love them.

    Thanks for sharing,


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