More Basement Updates

Hi friends! I’m back from a much needed vacation in Sun Valley and I have a few basement photos to share. It’s hard to believe we began dreaming about this project in January….and it’s now July. To tell you the truth, I don’t even remember where we last left off in the basement diaries, but here’s the latest and greatest…

Oddly enough, the bathroom – the room I thought would take the longest time to come together – is nearly complete. In fact, I even used the toilet for the first time today (TMI?). Below are a few snaps of the current state of the bathroom, and I also have a few photos of items that will be installed in the room soon. ┬áThe faucet for the space arrived last week, and for only $100, I’m pretty pumped with it.

basement bathroom photo 1-8

photo 3-6 basement bathroom

The wallpaper that I’ve mentioned to you guys is shown above. Although I’m really liking the walls above the wainscoting without the wallpaper, I do have an itch to wallpaper something. I guess time will tell if it makes it on the walls in the bathroom. Your vote?

The laundry closet is also close to being completed. I’m dragging my feet on purchasing a sink for the space, but as you’ll see below, I have the wall mount faucet – halfway there! We’ll add shelves above the appliances, and maaaaaybe a built-in around the washer/dryer.

laundry closet

laundry closet

laundry faucet

What’s next? The carpet arrives on Wednesday…and then it will just be details. I say just details, but we all know those take the longest to come together:).

13 thoughts on “More Basement Updates

  1. Rachel Said:

    Your bathroom reno looks great! Can you tell me what grout color you used on the tile? Thanks!

  2. Kate Said:

    Love the wallpaper for the bathroom. It adds a touch of whimsy. :)

  3. Cait Said:

    Love the direction that things are going! We have a vintage version of this laundry sink, although I really like the Kohler Gilford and the American Standard Country Porcelain Utility Sink.

    As for the wallpaper, I vote no.

  4. Kathy Said:

    Looks great! I’m looking forward to seeing more progress pics!
    P.s. I love the wallpaper you chose… Go for it;)

  5. kiki Said:

    do the wallpaper. FOR SURE. If you’re not totally sold, maybe you need to look at a different pattern? But that space is crying out for wallpaper. I mean, the white is beautiful and clean, and you certainly wouldn’t be wrong leaving it as-is. But, I really think that a pattern will make it feel like “home”. For reals. ;)

  6. Hilary @ My So-Called Home Said:

    Stunning, stunning, stunning. I like the wallpaper too but if you’re not 100% on it I don’t know if I would waste the time/energy since it’s a pain to remove if you wind up not liking it. I love the black and white though, so classy :)

  7. Chelsea Said:

    Loving all the white. Classic. I’ve been wondering if you had found your sink. You need to get to The ReBuilding Center on a regular basis, we just scored a farmhouse sink there the other day for $100! Loving the faucets!!

  8. Lauren Said:

    Where is the black and white striped rug from?

  9. Jen Said:

    Your basement is looking awesome! I’m a fan of wallpaper above wainscotting ;) And that wall mount faucet – my gosh, that’s beautiful!

  10. Colby Said:

    Looks great! Where is the black faucet from? I have been looking for something similar.


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