New York: Part Two

And we’re back with more NYC updates! Just typing this out makes my feet hurt. Again, the four days we spent in this magical city were ones we’ll remember for a long, long time.

Here’s a recap of the rest of our trip (the first few days can be found here), in photos…and this time, I won’t use any vintage efffects. These are the real deal.


Rockefeller Center

Top of the Rock

CookShop for Brunch (delish)

Chelsea Market (darling)

High Line Park (pretty place)

Madison Square Garden

Empire State Building

Fish’s Eddy (adore this store!)

Show on Broadway – Memphis (incredible!)

Times Square (this time in the daylight)

Dinner at Osteria Morini

This bracelet from Chelsea Market was my one and only NY purchase for myself:).


Subway to Brooklyn

Breakfast at Allswell (in love with this place!)

Walk/shop Williamsburg  (so much like PDX)

Brooklyn Park

Ice Cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (yummy)

Walk Brooklyn Bridge

 Wall Street/visit the infamous bull

Trinity Church

Battery Park (view of Statue of Liberty)

9/11 Memorial (very touching)

Katz’s Deli (lots ‘o meat)

Dos Caminos for dinner


Pack our bags (sad!)

Run through Central Park (beautiful)

Lunch at Spring Street Natural with an old friend (thanks Danielle!)

Shopping in Soho

Dean & Deluca (speechless)

ABC Home (7 floors of home decor goodies)


St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Head to airport:(

 And that’s a wrap. I’m already plotting my next trip!

We probably visited 5 of the 45 restaurants that were on our list, so we need to go back just to EAT. And SHOP. And people watch. And the list goes on, and on…

What’s my next trip? I’m hoping it will be San Antonio in July…I’ll keep you posted on my travel plans as you guys are wonderful at travel suggestions!

18 thoughts on “New York: Part Two

  1. Julia Said:

    I’m just a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I just found your blog a few weeks ago and here you are in NYC! My oldest (15) has a dream of a trip to NYC, and I’ve been saving every dime to get her up there. It will easily be a $3,000 trip for us with air travel and hotel, and now thanks to your post, I’ve already got a great to-do list too! Thanks, and so happy to know you guys have had a wonderful time!

  2. PineTreeHome Said:

    Oh my, how did you fit all that in? Either your a really good planner and knew exactly what you were doing or you two are just speedy. I’m going to have to use your itinerary next time I head into the City. I stayed near Chelsea last time and I didn’t even hit any of the places you did. There are some gems in there.

  3. MaryAnne Said:

    Great pictures! I’m from the area, but am now out west; I need to get back! Also, can you share where you got the orange jacket you’re wearing in all of the Brooklyn pictures? It’s adorable! :-)

    1. kirsten Said:

      Thank you! The jacket is from J. Crew:).

  4. Andrea Said:

    OMG! I would die and go to heaven with all that storageware!!!

  5. Briel K. Said:

    This looks like so much fun! I love visiting NY. I need to book mark your posts so I can remember good places to eat next time I’m there!

    Love your style! :)

  6. Megan Clark Said:

    Hmmmm…San Antonio in July? Sounds perfect! Love the pics, and the pretty girl in them! You’re such a doll. Miss you. XO!

    1. kirsten Said:

      Yep! Are you ready for us:)? I am SO, SO ready to see you and your darling new home!

  7. Ann Said:

    Love it! Some of my faves as well…Chelsea Market is AMAZING! Esp the Anthropologie there :) Great blog post!

  8. Rachael Said:

    That store with all the great glass and house wares looks like my version of heaven. I hope there isn’t any place like that in PDX I don’t know about? Otherwise I may go broke. Fast. Looks like a fabulous trip!!

    1. kirsten Said:

      Hi Rachael! Fish’s Eddy was unbelievable! I could have spent so much money there – like thousands of dollars! But I had no space in my suitcase, so I just bought a few dishtowels and itty bitty bowls. There’s no store in Portland…and that might be a good thing:)?

  9. Julia Said:

    These are awesome photos! They make me want to hop on the next plane to NYC! NY is such an amazing, vibrant city. I cannot wait to go back someday! So glad you two had a wonderful trip. And i have to say that there is No bad food in Ny, some of the best restaurants ever!

  10. TraceyF Said:

    Looks like you had so much fun. Can you tell us if there was something you did or somewhere you ate that maybe wasn’t worth your limited time there? I’m just curious because of the fact that NY has so many things to take in, I would want to use my time wisely. Thanks for sharing your photos with us!!

    1. kirsten Said:

      Hi Tracey! Such a great question! Let’s see – I would say everything we did was so worth it. But, I will say that I thought Times Square was cool to walk through, but it’s crazy toursity and kinda overrated. I wouldn’t spend any time there going to shops or restaurants. We just walked through to see what it was all about, and that was plenty for us!

  11. Mandy Knapp Said:

    This looks like a blast! Eataly is one of my absolute favorite places in NYC…I could spend hours in there!! Love the J.Crew orange coat as well :)

    1. kirsten Said:

      Eately was so awesome -the sandwich I had there was incredible:)!

  12. Dana Said:

    I love the long gold necklace you are wearing. Can you tell me where you got it? Thanks, Dana.

    1. kirsten Said:

      Hi Dana! Thank you – it was given to me by a friend in San Francisco. I think she picked it up at a small boutique there, but I have seen some similiar ones at Forever 21. Good luck!


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