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Let’s talk kitchen curtains today. I like our kitchen curtains, however, the print has never been Kyle’s favorite. And I have to agree with him – the fabric is a bit too modern for our classic bungalow. I’ve been searching for new fabric to replace our current fabric, and here’s one of my favorites thus far. I’m not sold on it by any means, so please give me your honest opinion:). I am looking for a classic fabric with hints of yellow, blue or green. I’m flexible on color and pattern, but so far I’m not in love with anything. I ordered this swatch from LS Fabrics, and it arrived last week.

Here it is live and in person…

The fabric was excellent quality and reasonably priced, however, it had a purple hint to it. It’s not exactly what I had in mind, so I’m still on the hunt. Fabric can be so darn tricky!

Any ideas, friends?

10 thoughts on “Opinions please!

  1. HMC Said:

    Beautiful choice! It seems a little dreary for full panels. What about using it as an accent stripe for a portion of the curtain and have a solid panel (like white?) to brighten it up? I love the current fabric pattern… Make placemats or a table runner with it? Either way, it’s all exciting and will look great!

  2. Kati @ so happy home Said:

    I don’t envy your hunt… fabrics are so hard to find, especially when you’ve already got an entire color scheme figured out. I do like the one you sampled, though. And I like the idea of using it for part of the curtain rather than the whole panel. And I like the idea of continuing to look. I’m no help at all. Good luck!

  3. Andrea Said:

    If you want to sell your yellow panels to me once you find new ones let me know! I’m re-doing my room and those would be absolute perfection ;) Good luck with the fabric search!!

    1. hmc Said:

      I have had my eye on that dahlia print for my dining room!

  4. Sara Said:

    I like the swatch, a lot! I’m also a big fan of Thom Filicia’s line at Calico!! “prospect” (in rattan and shadow colors) is my fav…but he’s got quite a few beauties in the collection. I must say, they are much more attractive in person, than online, I’m sure that’s the case with most fabrics though!!

  5. Kate Keefe Sullivan Said:

    This is a tough one. Great fabric. I LOVE ikat, but is it a fad that will soon be on the way out? Is ikat the new toile? Maybe I obsess too much about these things. As a result my curtains are all white.

  6. katie Said:

    i like that fabric, the muted colors are nice and it looks good up against the wall color. have you looked at tonic living online? i’ve had good luck with their selection!

  7. Raina Said:

    I have that fabric! I also ordered the swatch from L&S, and loved it – however, it looks a bit dull when you get a yard or two. I made pillows out of mine and don’t love them – the colors just look worn/too muted in my living room.


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