September Pinterest Favorites

I know I always say this, but this month flew by in a flash. Like I can’t even believe it. October, you are here waaaay too soon. And if this weekend tells us anything about what we’re in store for weather-wise, we might have to build a boat to make it to the holidays. So. Much. Rain.

Anyway, here are some of my very favorite pins this month. They seem to have a very “fallish” feel to them – lots of leather and dark colors:).

dv boot

tortoise necklace





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{Installed} Fireplace Sconces


Now that work has settled down a bit, I’m hoping to get a few loose ends tied up around the house, with one of them being our never ending fireplace project. When we first bought this house, I had many plans dancing around in my head. However, the one area I had no plans for was this fireplace. I waited and waited for a vision, and I didn’t get one. And then I just went for it. I opened a can of white dove paint, and painted the brick, and everything kinda just fell into place from there.


Over the weekend, we finally installed these Schoolhouse Electric sconces (Princeton Sophomore fixtures, finished in natural brass with factory shade no. 3 in white) and I put another coat of Benjamin Moore’s white dove on the woods planks. I also painted the inside of the fireplace with a  Rust-o-leum high heat black paint, so at last, all the fireplace painting is complete. It only took me 6 plus months. Jeesh.

Schoolhouse Electric sconces

Schoolhouse Electric sconces

Schoolhouse electric sconces

Schoolhouse electric sconces

Schoolhouse electric sconces

I still need to paint the beams, and oh yes, I must give the fireplace some style + decorate. We are so close to putting this project to bed. Hallelujah!


{Introducing} Schoolhouse Electric’s Fall Line

Deep breaths. Today is the culmination of one of the biggest projects of my entire life. Schoolhouse Electric’s fall line launches today, and it’s been one of those all-consuming, but incredibly rewarding experiences. I don’t create the products, but I do market the goods. This means photo shoots, copy revisions, marketing collateral, product tags, email blasts, catalog production, website updates, and everything else in between. Like ohhhh so many things. There were times I thought I wouldn’t live to tell this tale, but thankfully, I did.

Anyway, now it’s time for the fun part! I finally get to share a few of my very favorite things with you today…

Can’t live without some of these goodies? Me neither. Check out Schoolhouse Electric’s website for   the details. Also, the fall catalog (eeeeeek!) will be in mailboxes this week, and if you’d like to request one, email [email protected]


I Spy! Plum Pretty Sugar

Friends! I promise to be much more active on the blogging scene once work slows down. Schoolhouse Electric’s fall product launch is next week, and it’s been one of those all-consuming projects. Like can’t sleep at night. Or think about anything else. The good news? I’ll be able to share a few of my favorite products with you on Monday! Get ready for some goodies…

With that said, the only thing that I can think about right now is finding a new bath robe. Super random, right? That’s how my brain seems to be working these days.  I think it’s telling me I need a little relaxation in my life. Anyway, I’v been spying robes from Plum Pretty Sugar for awhile now, and even though I’m not a bridesmaid or a bride, I want one. With alluring fabric prints in soft colors, these robes just get me. Like I want one hanging in my closet stat.

The best news? These robes are affordable – $65!  And they look crazy comfy. Anyone have a robe they can vouch for before I pull the trigger?

Happy weekend to you!