Life, Lately

It’s official. Blogging is hard in the summer. Especially when you live in a city that only sees the sun a few months out of the year. There are outdoor happy hours, trail runs, weekend getaways, and everything else in between that seem far more important than sitting in front of a computer. When the sun is out in Portland, you bask in it, because before you know it, it’s gone. For a long, long time. So that’s where I have been…I’d like to think that’s an a-okay excuse:)?

Besides enjoying summer, we’ve been, well, enjoying summer. Which also means weddings, ¬†adventuring, and barbequing…here are a few iPhone pics to get you caught up on life.







Oh yes! And how can I forget. We’ve been spreading A LOT of bark dust. Ugh. It’s officially the worst job ever. Sometimes grueling house projects end up as a decent blog post, but not this one. I CAN tell you our new fireplace sconces will be here early next week…which means a fireplace reveal is in the works.

Happy summer weekend to you!



{Progress} Exterior Paint + Landscaping


If you’ve been reading this little blog for awhile, you might remember that Kyle and I painted our last house. We swore we would never do it again. That’s why when it came time to paint our new house, we hired my brother. He’s a teacher and has the summer off (lucky duck) and he hammered out our house in a week. And he did a really, really great job. We love the color we chose (Benjamin Moore’s snowfall white/Benjamin Moore’s racoon fur for the trim) and are happy with the exterior transformation thus far.

Again, just to remind you, this is where the house started…




And then we wiped out the landscaping, and we were left with this…





And here’s where we are today…besides the paint, we¬†also did our share of landscaping. And when I say we, I really mean Kyle. He has a thing for plants and works his tail off in the yard. I’m crazy impressed by all that he’s been able to accomplish this summer…green plants do wonders for a white house!



white dover exterior paint



We aren’t finished yet (tear!), but I thought it was due time to show you where we are at. We still have new light fixtures to install (do you like the one hanging off the wall on the brick? Ha!), pots that need plants, and a number of other crucial curb appeal items to check off our list. I’m saving the panoramic pics for the official “after” shots. Stay-tuned!

I SPY! Sleepy Jones


I clearly must be thinking about sleeping/resting/relaxing lately as I can’t get these darling pajamas off my mind. Earlier this year, Andy Spade launched a new pajama line named Sleepy Jones and it’s over-the-top hip. And super cute. And spendy. Why do those two things always have to go together?

The photography is crazy creative and fun…

sleepyjones pajamas



And the actual prints are pretty darn lovely too…

sleepy jones



And another thing I can’t get off my mind…who actually has a bum that looks that perfect? Not me!

Happy Thursday:).