Farmhouse Table – check!

This post will be short and sweet, as Kyle and I were away at the rainy and wiiiiiindy Oregon coast this weekend and I’m trying to throw myself together and prepare for the week ahead.

With that said, we checked a big thing off our dining room To Do list this weekend. Our farmhouse table is complete and I am ridiculously anxious to move it from Sweet Home, into our dining room. The table was made in Sweet Home from old barn boards, which is a small detail that I love since Sweet Home is the tiny town that Kyle grew up in. It’s like we’ll always a have a piece of his hometown in Portland.

Here it is:

farmhouse table

A few things left to do – stain the legs to match the rest of the table and possibly put a protective coat of polyurethane on the top. The table is 4×6, which might be a little large for our current dining room, but I plan on having this baby for a long time and thought bigger was better in the grand scheme of things.

Now….it’s time to start decorating! Happy Halloween week to you:)!

Olympic Paint Giveaway – WINNER!

I am super excited to announce the winner of Restored Style’s first paint giveaway!

And the winner is…


Sounds like she has a nursery paint, and Olympic paint’s zero VOC formula and zero VOC colorants is as green as green gets and is SIMPLY PERFECT for a baby’s room - no harmful fumes!

Amber, congrats and I’m hoping you’ll share some before/after pics of your nursery with us. Happy painting!

In other news, I have a few more great giveaways slated for November, so stay-tuned! And, I’ll be sharing some dining room updates with you on Monday as well. Also, I’ve been on the hunt for a yellow fabric that somewhat resembles this design:

But no such luck thus far…any ideas???

Cheers to a great weekend!

Fabric…for kids!

I’ve been on the hunt for fabric for our dining room, and I’ve come across some adorable kids fabric along the way. Even though Kyle and I are a looooong ways away from having kids, these prints stopped me in my tracks and I just had to share.

Click for Larger Image

Hooty Collection

To Larger Image

Ele Collection

Premier Prints Lulu Stripe Chartreuse/Candy Pink

Lulu Stripe

To Larger Image

Ele Collection

Premier Prints Dandelion White/Candy Pink

Dandelion White

Premier Prints Desoto Stripe Candy Pink/White

Desota Stripe

Premier Prints Kenya Candy Pink/Pink


Premier Prints Gisella Lipstick

Gisella Lipstick

Premier Prints Mud Dots Village Brown

Mud Dots

Premier Prints Fancy Dot Mist/Putty

Fancy Dots

Premier Prints Shiba Mist/Putty


Premier Prints Giraffe Putty/Mist


I’m a personal fan of the the green baby elephants, but you can’t go wrong with any of these adorable prints. Most of the above prints are from Premier Prints and are under or around $10.00/yard. Such a great price!

Before I sign off, today’s the last day to enter to win a few cans of Olympic paint (color of your choice). To enter, click here.

Design in a Bag

Have you guys heard of this before? Have I been hiding under a rock or what?

I recently stumbled upon Design in a Bag - essentially, it’s an interior design road map for one specific room (and yes, as the name implies, it comes in a bag). How nifty!

Having trouble visualizing how your paint, flooring, and cabinets will all look together? It’s one thing to fall in love with a paint color, but it’s another thing to have it perfectly mesh with all the other elements in a room.

Design in a Bag - The First Step in Kitchen and Bath Design

Design in a Bag takes care of this problem and many others. In short, they describes themselves as:

 An online home design and home remodeling resource providing clarity and convenience. Each Design in a Bag includes: cabinetry finishes showing color and wood species, countertop and tile selections, shopping / resource list, 4 large-format paint swatches and coordinating architectural drawings illustrating the finishes and wall colors – all which combine to help you envision and create your dream kitchen or bath. 

Design in a bag

A sample room, with a, b and c  correlating with actual samples in the bag

What do you think? Personally, I’m in looooove with the journey in terms of picking out every last detail of a room, so this isn’t for me, but would you guys purchase something like this? It’s surely a killer concept with some serious legs – nice work, Design in a Bag!