Tumbler Talk

I’m semi-obsessed with fun glassware, which is somewhat ironic because if you open up my cupboards, all you’ll find is white dishware. Maybe in my next life my shelves will be full of crazy colored glassware?

If you’re on the hunt for unique dinnerware, glassware, serveware and the like, look no further than Fishs Eddy. See below for some of my favorite finds…

Pedestrian Glass

Wizard of Oz Glasses

Carnival Glasses

Floral Italian Wine Glasses

Nursery Glasses

Pretty darn cute, eh? Fishs Eddy has so many more wonderful items online – tumblers are just the beginning.

Before I send you on your way, don’t forget to enter our Olympic paint giveaway below :) . Happy week to you!

PAINT Giveaway!

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m giving away paint! Okay, I’m not giving away paint, but Olympic Paint has generously offered to giveaway a few cans of paint to Restored Style fans. Heck yes.   

You may recall that I used Olympic’s Quill in my dining room just a few weeks ago.


Olympic’s Quill

I’m in love with the color and have never been so certain about a color before I actually saw it on our wall. Why did I fall head over heels so darn fast? I used Olympic’s new ColorClix  application, a new desktop color tool that enables you to select any color displayed on your computer and match it to one of Olympic’s paint colors. Images, photos, websites, even online videos and television shows … whatever the color inspiration, the ColorClix tool enables you to easily identify and bring that shade to life for your next painting project. Easssy, right?!

Premium Interior Paint


And, have I mentioned that Olympic paint’s zero VOC formula and zero VOC colorants is as green as green gets? So hop on over to Olympic paint, peek at the colors, and then tell me which color you heart!

With over 1200 colors, how will you choose? Good luck!

  • PRIZE: Two cans of  Olympic Zero VOC, low-odor Premium Interior Paint (color of your choice!) and two cans of Olympic primer
  • TO ENTER: Leave a comment below – what color would you choose?
  • GIVEAWAY ENDS: Thursday night, October 21st, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. EST
  • WINNER ANNOUNCED:Friday morning, October 22nd
  • EXTRA ENTRIES: Tweet about this giveaway and then post a link to your tweet below and you’ll be entered to win again!

Quick note – I simply love Olympic Paint. No advertising here, just plain love.

Found Bottle Centerpiece

A few weeks ago I blogged about the DIY name cards I created for my pals birthday party, and now I’m back with an easy centerpiece idea for you.

It involves ooooold bottles from a local thrift store (4 for $1!) and fresh flowers from the farmer’s market – that’s it. The old bottles create an eclectic feel and you can easily dictate the color scheme by choosing  flowers that go with your home/party decor.

I started with my old bottles (I somewhat liked the dirty and “weathered” look, so I kept a few of the bottles as I found them – not squeaky clean)…


Then, I picked up flowers from the farmer’s market in my party’s color scheme – orange and yellow…


And then I got busy arranging the flowers on my table…





Pretty darn simple, eh? And can I tell you how fun it is to shop for funky-shaped glass bottles? Reeeeally Fun, with a capital F. I had about ten bottles on the table and each bottle brought a different flavor and style to the centerpiece.

And there you have it, an inexpensive idea for your next party, or heck, just to have around the house any time a few pretty flowers make there way into your home.

Dirty Little Secret

I’m all about keeping it real on Restored Style, and I have a serious dirty desk on my hands.

Truth be told, my house gets messy. I get lazy. I stop putting things away. Then, things get ugly.

Proof is in the pics…




Talk about a random assortment of goods - a drill, fabric, books, glue, spray paint, clip board, file folders and bills - you name it, you can probably find it on my desk. Now that you guys think I’m a pig, there are a few areas of my office that appear somewhat organized, such as my magazine rack…

magazine rack

And my calendar/bulletin board areas…

bulletin board


So there you have it. No perfect rooms here…just rooms in progress! And if anyone has desk organization tips, clearly I’m in need of them. Perhaps I’ll clean this weekend?