Found Bottle Centerpiece

A few weeks ago I blogged about the DIY name cards I created for my pals birthday party, and now I’m back with an easy centerpiece idea for you.

It involves ooooold bottles from a local thrift store (4 for $1!) and fresh flowers from the farmer’s market – that’s it. The old bottles create an eclectic feel and you can easily dictate the color scheme by choosing  flowers that go with your home/party decor.

I started with my old bottles (I somewhat liked the dirty and “weathered” look, so I kept a few of the bottles as I found them – not squeaky clean)…


Then, I picked up flowers from the farmer’s market in my party’s color scheme – orange and yellow…


And then I got busy arranging the flowers on my table…





Pretty darn simple, eh? And can I tell you how fun it is to shop for funky-shaped glass bottles? Reeeeally Fun, with a capital F. I had about ten bottles on the table and each bottle brought a different flavor and style to the centerpiece.

And there you have it, an inexpensive idea for your next party, or heck, just to have around the house any time a few pretty flowers make there way into your home.

Dirty Little Secret

I’m all about keeping it real on Restored Style, and I have a serious dirty desk on my hands.

Truth be told, my house gets messy. I get lazy. I stop putting things away. Then, things get ugly.

Proof is in the pics…




Talk about a random assortment of goods - a drill, fabric, books, glue, spray paint, clip board, file folders and bills - you name it, you can probably find it on my desk. Now that you guys think I’m a pig, there are a few areas of my office that appear somewhat organized, such as my magazine rack…

magazine rack

And my calendar/bulletin board areas…

bulletin board


So there you have it. No perfect rooms here…just rooms in progress! And if anyone has desk organization tips, clearly I’m in need of them. Perhaps I’ll clean this weekend?

I SPY! Dash & Albert Rug Company

Let’s talk rugs. And cute ones at that.

Dash & Albert Rug Company is a rug haven. Every single rug is simply perfect - you can do no wrong. Promise!

Let’s dive in to the goodness…

Circle Fret Tufted Wool

Plain Tin Charcoal Wool Micro Hooked

Swedish Rag Woven Cotton

Diamond Slate/Light Blue Indoor/Outdoor

Camp Stripe Woven Cotton


Spinnaker Woven Cotton

Stockholm Woven Cotton

Ranch Stripe Woven Cotton

And let me tell you, these striped rugs look AMAZING in any room. Seriously, you know you have a hallway or kitchen area that is screaming for one:). I do.



Are you in the mood for a striped rig or what? Of course, this is just a super quick glimpse of what Dash & Albert carry online. Check them out – your floors will thank you.

Quick note – I simply love Dash & Albert rugs. No advertising here, just plain love.

Dining Room Update – Windsor Chairs

Did anyone else have one of those weekends where you blink and the weekend is over? Seriously, not fair. I need ooooone more day. Too bad life doesn’t work like that.

I have a little dining room update for you…I finally picked out the barn boards for our table, and I’m tickled pink because they are from Sweet Home, Oregon, where Kyle grew up. We’re going to have a little bit of Kyle’s home town in our house – hooray for a little personal touch! Hopefully our table will be ready in a few short weeks and then we’ll be on the home stretch.

Also, we made our way back to Portland with two windsor chairs, just like the ones I included in our design board. You see, my wonderful mom-in-law saw my design board and remembered she had purchased two windsor chairs years and years ago. After rummaging around, she uncovered the two chairs – they needed to be assembled but that was a-okay because they were easy to transport back to Portland. Ironically, they are exactly what I had in mind. They are made out of unfinished wood (do we paint or stain them?) and they are FREE! Thanks, Mom Nieman:). I’d been eyeing these windsor chairs from Pottery Barn, but with a $199.00 price tag, they were outta my reach.

Windsor Armchair, Rustic Mahogany stain

So you can imagine my delight when these chairs-in-a-box found their way to me! Of course I would have loved to have uncovered some seriously old and historically-rich windsor chairs, but when a price tag reads FREE, I’m quickly sold. And, I think with the right paint or stain and a little man-made antique action, you’d never know these chairs were brand-new and assembled from a chair kit.

After years of living in storage, I wasn’t sure what would really be in the boxes. I’m happy to report that the chair kit was complete and here’s a little time lapse in pictures of the windsor chair coming together…

Windsor Chair

Windsor Chair

Windsor Chair

Windsor Chair

Windsor Chair

Windsor Chair

Windsor Chair

Windsor Chair

It appears a little wobbly in the above pictures, because I haven’t glued and nailed it together yet. They recommend you put the chair together without the glue first, just so you know what you are doing before the glue comes into play. Now I need to disassemble, reassemble with the glue and nails, and then Kyle and I need to decide on a finish for the two chairs – black or white paint or a wood stain? We’ll think on it for a few days, and in the meantime, we’d love to hear your suggestions.

Cheers to a great week!