Bathroom Cafe Curtains – complete!

Remember when I posted my no sew curtains blog? Well, stitch witchery and I have been at it again, but this time, I’ve created little cafe curtains for our bathroom. Goodbye, plastic blinds.


I ordered the fabric from and I was really pleased when it arrived in the mail. It was very thick and quality fabric, for only $10.98 a yard. It’s called Wavery Sun N Shade Lovely Lattice in citrine and I would absolutely order it again. Buying fabric online can be tricky, because you can’t exactly get a feel for the color or the overall texture of the fabric, but this time I lucked out, and it’s a great color for the bathroom.


Here’s a quick before and after for you…





And there you have it…a little quick change project that you can complete in less than an hour!

Weekend Project: Tote bag @ Modern Domestic

It sure feels like Fall around here, but this weekend we managed to see the sunshine both days, and it was Oregon at its best – bluuuueee skies, green grass and a little Fall breeze mixed in between. Sunshine usually means lots of DIY projects around the house, but on Saturday I spent nearly the entire afternoon indoors sewing this tote bag at Modern Domestic.

tote ba

I’m a very beginner sewer, so I was quite amazed that I walked out of my class with this bag in tow. This project speaks volumes about Modern Domestic – they have top of the line machines, teachers and tools.

Somehow, this fabric…


Turned into this…

tote bag

tote bag

I love how practical this bag is and also the fact that it made me actually diligently practice my sewing skills for 3 plus hours(and yes, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, the bag is reversible). Practice surely makes perfect, and I have a long ways to go before I’m even close to perfect, but I’m a heck of a lot more experienced than I was when I took my first sewing class this spring!

If you are a loyal reader of my blog, you already know how much I love Modern Domestic. But can I just tell you one more time how much I love this place?

Quick Bathroom Upgrade

And it’s FRIDAY. I’m loving that fact. Love, love, loving it.

Okay, back to blog business….I ordered a yard of fabric online from and it finally came in the mail. I ordered it for a little bathroom quick-fix that I’m working on. The fabric is called Waverly Sun N Shade Lovely Lattice in citrine and it was only $10.98 per yard (it’s good quality fabric too – nice and thick). I’m going to sew up some cafe curtains, as the blinds we currently have are fairly bland (they look like wood, but there are plastic).


Above is a current photo of the bathroom, and below are a few pictures of the tension rod and fabric cafe curtains that will hopefully soon replace the plastic shades.




The fabric is darker than the walls…taking pictures at night doesn’t do the colors justice. Here’s the actual fabric swatch:

Waverly Sun N Shade Lovely Lattice Citrine

Again, the fabric can be found here, and once I sew these  little cafe curtains, I’ll certainly share the “after” photos with you all.

Happy weekend to you!

Barn Doors = Fabulous Upcycled Tables

One of my favorite things to do on Restored Style is to share crafts and projects that my readers have created. Seriously, you guys inspire me big-time!

I have the perfect example of this today…my dear friend Megan wrote me after my farmhouse table post and said that she’s tackling a very similar project. Well, she got her act together much quicker than me, and I have some beautiful tables to unveil today, thanks to her and her husband’s handy work!

Here’s her note:

We finished the tables and put them to use at our dinner party last night. They were a hit! One of my girlfriends said, “What is this, Sunset Magazine?” So, I’m packing up the photos of the process and some in-use shots for you to post if you’d like.  And just so you know, my mom had this idea brewing, shared it with me which lead me to show her your Knock Off Wood post and that’s where she was convinced her tables needed white legs. So thanks to you, they’re fabulous and very shabby chic.

barn door table

barn door table

barn door table

barn door table

barn door table

barn door table

barn door table

And here’s a little more info:

The doors aren’t attached to the bases; they stay in place because of the notches in the frames. The legs can be removed for winter storage.

When building dining tables, height matters:
Formal height = 30”
Informal height = 28”
We erred on the formal side since the tables will and do sink into the grass a bit (though so do the chairs) and we an always trim a little off if they end up being too high. I’m short and they were sort of tall for me, but I just sat on a cushion and all was well.

Oh, and cost…

Barn Doors (salvaged from some property in South Dakota over a decade ago) = $0
Wood = $8
Hardware (12 washer, bolt, wing nut packets)  = $4
Paint (used leftover white exterior)  = $0

Total for all three tables = $12 X 3 = $36.00

It’s so funny – once they were done we were all worried about them being rained on until my dad gently reminded us that they are BARN DOORS and spent many, many years outside before we even got our hands on them. Ha:). Thanks for letting me share our project with you! -Megan

See! Aren’t the tables beautiful?! And those doors. So. Much. Character. And yes, they made three tables – each were $12.00. Yes, twelve whole dollars. The barn doors are spectacular and I love how they took items that were old and unused and upcycled them into three practical pieces of furniture. Thanks so incredibly much for sharing, Megan. I’m sure the meal tasted that much sweeter knowing you were eating around a table that YOU dreamt up and created yourself.

Megan’s project gives me hope that our farmhouse table will turn out halfway decent:)…