The CSI Project

I entered two of my little DIY projects in this week’s Pottery Barn inspired Challenge on the CSI Project website.


Have you guys heard of this site before? Every week, the CSI Project posts a new challenge and invites bloggers to post their personal creations on its website. It’s a brilliant concept, and a great place to get ideas and inspiration.

I posted my Pottery Barn inspired DIY Chalkboard Garden Tags (for step-by-step instructions, click here)…

pottery barn flower markers


And my Pottery Barn inspired DIY Necklace Storage Solution (for step-by-step directions, click here)…

necklace organization

Jewelry Display Frames

There are hundreds of projects already posted on this topic on the CSI Project website. Fellow bloggers – you continue to amaze me with your crafts and creative ideas! Keep the brilliant creations coming…so many potential projects, so little time.

Premier Fabrics

Even though I had nearly a perfectly perfect weekend, I still have that Sunday night feeling in my gut…the work week is once again knocking at the front door all too soon!

Anyway, I have the fabric bug. I could spend some serious cash at Premier Fabrics, not because fabric here is expensive, but because I like nearly every design. Hear me out…

To Larger Image

Annie  Collection

To Larger Image

Best Friends Collection

To Larger Image

Chipper Collection

To Larger Image

Kimono Collection

To Larger Image

Large Houndstooth Collection

To Larger Image

Lulu Collection

To Larger Image

Suzani Collection

To Larger Image

Zig Zag Collection

To Larger Image

Victoria Collection

I’m eyeing the Suzani Collection fabric for my dining room that’s in progress. So far I have the chairs, table and rug nailed down, but the curtains are driving me nuts – I swear, there’s too many options out there. Enough to drive a girl crazy, that’s for sure. If none of the above fabrics caught your eye, there’s many more here.

Happy week to you all – where did summmmmer go?!

I thank my lucky stars for you

I try to keep Restored Style about home decor and design and all that fun stuff, but every once in awhile I have to get all mushy on you.

I feel blessed beyond words that I get to look into these eyes til death do us part…

That’s my wonderful husband Kyle, and we are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary tomorrow.  We were married on a vineyard, in Oregon’s beautiful wine country, and were lucky enough to be surrounded by all our family and friends. 

One of the best pieces of advice we received on our wedding  day was to look for every chance to celebrate, and then do just that, celebrate. We will certainly be celebrating our one year milestone together tomorrow, and I’m tickled pink to have an entire day to just BE together. Kyle, thank you for being so many things to me and for believing, encouraging, and loving me so fully. I love you!

I SPY! Rugs

Done. The kitchen shoot is complete. Whew! I’m just as much in the dark about what went on yesterday as you, as most of the dirty work was done while I was at work. The report from the crew was that it was a successful day and that we’ll be featured sometime next spring. That feels like a really, really long time to wait, but I’ll just have to tough it out.

 I’m sure you are all sick and tired of hearing about my kitchen, so I’m quickly moving on to a totally unrelated topic – rugs. Did you know you can find 5×8 rugs (and larger) on for under $200?! Here are a few of my top picks…

Hand-carved Alexa Velvet Diamonte Ivory Faux Silk Rug (5’3 x 7’6)

Hand-tufted Grey/ Gold Wool Rug (5′ x 8′)

Alexa Euro Collection Swirl Charcoal Rug

Hand-tufted Zoom Red Wool Rug

Handmade Alexa Pino Rose Fantasy Brown Rug

Hand-tufted Vintage New Zealand Wool Rug

Hand-tufted Garden Beige Wool Rug 

There are literally 71 pages full of 5×8  rugs, and again, all of the ones above are under $200.00! And with $2.95 shipping, why not order a few and play around with them in the space? I’m certainly on the lookout for a new dining room rug, and I think will be the first stop on my hunt.