Dining Room Design Board, Round 2

Remember when I posted my first dining room design board? I try to forget about it, because it needed some serious help, but you can take a peek at it here.

So, I’m back with design board #2, and I’m thinking it’s a little more what I originally had in mind…

Dining Room


Again, the room will be a light gray and the blue ikat fabric in the left corner of the board will be the fabric for the curtains. The rest is fairly self explanatory (I will have 4 white chairs, but only two are shown on the board).

What do you think? Thoughts? Feedback? Likes/dislikes? You guys always have the best ideas so comment away:)!

A little Anthropologie Action

This weekend I found myself wandering through Anthropologie. I meandered around for a LONG TIME because there were so many darn things to look at. It was surely a looking day (not a buying day) so I was more concerned about the items in the actual store, as opposed to trying to figure out what the heck I wanted to buy. Looking days make me actually study and appreciate things. On buying days, my mind is already thinking about what I’m going to have in my hands at the checkout counter,  and I tend to forget about the items themselves. Note to self: bad habit.

A few items that stopped me in my tracks…

Reassembled mirror

Garvey Chair 

Copper Clad dresser

Marigold Bed

Collected Memories Mirrors

Dusky Blooms Pillow

Sweet As Honey Rug

Pen & In Violas

Ring of Light Lamp

As usual, no prices are attached to the above items because I feel like that ruins the fun. Dreaming is certainly allowed and encouraged on Restored Style.  With that said, you can just click on the name of the item and it will take you directly to the Anthropologie site for more information. I will say that all of the above items would be big-time splurge items for me personally, but regardless, they are still fun to look at!

Dining Room Paint Color

The decision has been made. Finally!

At last, we’ve landed on a color for the dining room. I originally had wanted to paint the room a white/cream, but then when I really thought about it, I wasn’t convinced this color would go well with the white built-ins we already have in this room.


So, I thought some more….and as boring as this is, I landed on a warm gray. It’s called Quill and it’s from Olympic paint.


Olympic’s Quill

Here’s a sneek peak of the color on the wall. It’s really tricky to truly capture a wall color in photos, but I gave it my best shot:



In short, I love the color. It appears to be a little blueish, and that’s okay with me because I’m playing around with using this fabric for the dining room curtains.


Kalah Blue fabric at Calico Corners

I saw this fabric in Lonny Magazine and I had to have it. I’m still strugling with a rug for this room, so later this week I’ll be posting a few different design board options - hopefully you guys can help me decide between a few different rugs? 

So many pretty decor items, so few rooms!

DIY Name Place Cards


Okay, I’m back at the blog again. When work gets hectic I tend to go MIA, but I promise I have 5 posts coming your way this week.

I thought I’d start off the week with a little DIY action. I hosted a small birthday shin-dig for a dear friend of mine (love you Jess!) and I wanted to make easy, budget-friendly name cards. So, I peeked in a few cupboards, dug into my not-so organized craft drawers and pulled out a few pieces of paper and my handy-dandy alphabet stamps and stamp pad.  An idea was brewing…


I also whipped out my round corner punch, and then I started in on stamping out the names of my guests on the mini white cards. After I stamped each of the names out, I trimmed down the edges of the card and then punched each corner to round out the edges (round corners seem to soften the look of the cards and also give them a “finished” feel).



Again, after each name was stamped, the cards were trimmed to fit the length of the name and then each of the corners were rounded. Now that I had the name cards ready to go, I needed a way to display them on the table. That’s when the old bowl of lemons I had in the kitchen came into play, along with a few tacks I had laying around…the result…



At first I thought my lemon solution might cause a few problems – I thought the name cards might roll all over the place, but they didn’t. They seem to stay into place as long as I carefully tacked the card in the center of the lemon.

DIY budget friendly name place cards

The great thing about these place cards is that you could use apples, limes, pears, pumpkins – whatever best fits your decor/theme colors.  And, let’s not forget that these DIY name place cards cost me next to nothing. I had the lemons, cards and pins already at home, and it just took me a little time to assemble these cards.


I’ll share a few more DIY  and budget-friendly hosting ideas later this week!