Summer Weekends + Three Potato Four

Ohhhh weekends, aren’t they grand? The million dollar question is…where do they go? I feel like I blink and they are over. In an instant.

What did we do? A lot of barbecuing (think steak), some shrub transplanting (even worse than it sounds) and a berry picking outing with my little niece and nephew (even more fun than it sounds).

And last but not least, I had a wonderful backyard coffee date with a dear friend who mentioned I should check out Three Potato Four. And so I quickly drove home and immediately started stalking the online store. I feel like I’m mourning the fact that I am just now learning about this wonderful creation. Seriously, you must go and look at their online store right now. Like right now.

Here’s a glimpse of a few of my favorite things…

Collection of Small Antique Bottles - Set of 3

Collection of small bottles – $18.00

Hovis English Bread Tins - Small

Hovis English Bread Tin – $25.00

Numbered Tea Sample Tins

Numbered Tea Sample Tins – $26.00

3P4 Library Sign

Library Sign – $65.00

Set of Alphabet Gift Tags

Alphabet Gift Tags – $8.00

Mexican Wooden Sugar Cone Molds

Mexican Wooden Sugar Cane Molds – $45.00

Again, I advise you to take a peek at Three Potato Four right NOW. So. Much. Sweet. Stuff.

What should I buy first?

Knock Off Wood

Sorry for the late post today. This little thing called my J-O-B sometimes gets in the way of my design endeavors:).

Anyway, Kyle doesn’t know it yet but I have big plans for the weekend…I want to build (or at least start to build) a reclaimed wood dining table, much like these:



And how am I going to go about building a table? Well, I’ve always wanted to try and build a piece of furniture from Ana’s ridiculously wonderful website, Knock Off Wood and this is it. Here, Ana has step-by-step directions on how to create a rustic dining room table. The table should look somewhat like this when I am done:

I’ll of course keep you updated on how this project goes. I am sure we’ll learn a few things along the way and I’ll absolutely share them with you…cheers to the weekend!

All above photos are from decorpad and google images.

Silkscreen Class at Modern Domestic

I love learning. And now that I’m not in college, I actually like to be a “student” every once in awhile. I’ve signed up for the Intro to Silkscreen class at Modern Domestic, and I’m so pumped to design my very own tote bag!  At the end of the two classes, I’ll walk out the door with one of these in tow:

Photo Courtesy of Modern Domestic

The first time I walked into Modern Domestic, I actually wanted to purchase one of these fun totes. And then I learned that I could take a class that lets you design your own pattern and silkscreen it onto a handy dandy tote bag - I was so in!

Photo Courtesy of Modern Domestic

I’m going to learn the fundamentals of silk screening, which means I’ll learn about emulsioning a screen and burning  design onto the silkscreen and finally printing. In this case, I’ll be printing my design onto a canvas tote, and I’m thinking I’ll go with something fun and bright like this…

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Modern Domestic – check out my recent post about the store and all they offer here. As for my tote that’s anxiously awaiting my design, I’ll let you know what pattern I chose and of course reveal my finished product with you as soon as my class is finished!

And one more thing…like any of the above fabrics? Check out this site for many, many more designs and colors.


Let’s chat bowls. Actually, not just bowls, but very pretty and beautiful bowls. Trusty ‘ol Anthropologie has a bundle of them and they surely don’t dissapoint.

Small Dot & Dash Bowl in blue

Atom Art Bowl in green

Inside Out Bowl in red

River Delta Bowl in green

River Delta Bowl in red

Inside Out Bowl in sky

Inside Out Bowl in Pink

Aren’t they beautiful? I think I might be afraid to eat my daily dose of oatmeal outta them because they are so dainty. Love them. Most of the bowls featured above are $8.00 each, so they are still in the affordable range.  Love that fact too.

Any favorites? 

All images and additional bowl info can be found here.