I SPY! West Elm Fall Catalog…Part 2

Okay. Another West Elm post for you. Please don’t roll your eyes!  I couldn’t put the catalog down and had to share more with you. I mean, isn’t this the perfect end table?

Niche Nightstand

Niche Nightstand – $199.00

And heck, I don’t even have a dog and I think these little dessert plates are so darn cute.

Dog Rectangle Dessert Plate

Dog Rectangle Dessert Plates – $24.00

And I’m in love with anything Ikat, so these curtains were an easy pick.

Ikat Ogee Linen Window Panel

Ikat Ogee Linen Window panel – $59.00 – $74.00

Okay, enough West Elm. I’ll stop with the photos. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing dozens of Rejuvenation images with you - get ready to swoon!

I SPY! West Elm's Fall Catalog

It’s already time to think about Fall. I’m in denial that’s the case, because here in Oregon, summer just started a few weeks ago. No joke.

Anyway, I musy say, out of all the Fall catalogs and lines I have taken a peek at, I’m pleasantly surprised by West Elm. I’ve always been a fan, don’t get me wrong, but in the past they’ve sometimes been a little too modern for our 1920′s bungalow. With that said, I feel like West Elm’s Fall items are really approachable, inviting, and beautiful.

Here are a few of my favs…

Zebra Pillow Cover

Zebra Pillow Cover – $39.00

Wood + Resin Boxes

Wood and Resin Boxes – $14.00 – $22.00

Martini Side Table

Martini Side Table – $129.00

Zigzag Rug

Zig Zag Rug – $39.00 – $649.00

Organic Carved Circles Duvet Cover + Shams

Carved Circles Bedding – $19.00 – $99.00

Weathered Wood Spheres

Weathered Wood Spheres – $19.00 – $34.00

You all know I’m a big fan of sewing my own pillow covers, but honestly, I might have to splurge on a cover at West Elm this Fall. They are so pretty and just happen to be the same color scheme as my living room. Too good to be true? Hopefully not….

Rejuvenation Sale Report

Kyle and I visited one of our favorite stores on Saturday – Rejuvenation. As I reported last week, they were having quite the sale this weekend and I was hopeful we’d come home with a fun find or two.

And, I’m happy to report we picked up two of these funky pendants…


The good news? We picked up both light fixtures for $40.00! The wiring/electrical is as good as new, and I love that there were TWO of them. I feel like stumbling across a pair of old lights is rare (one always seems to get lost or forgotten).


The bad news? One fixture is missing a piece of glass. It must have cracked somewhere along the way, and now it’s our job to replace it. Anyone have any brilliant ideas? Or better yet, how much might it cost to have a piece of glass made for this fixture?


I thought about taking out all of the glass pieces, but I don’t think I’m ready to take that leap yet. As for where these lights will go, I am hoping to put them in our dining room, above our table. They are quite large (nearly 2 feet tall) but I am thinking they’ll still work well in the room. We’ll also need to install a new junction box in the ceiling before we even think about hanging the lights…there’s always something, isn’t there?

Last but not least, I took dozens and dozens of photos at Rejuvenation (even with these two lanterns in tow) and I’ll be posting a loooooong blog on this wonderful store later this week!

Our Entryway Area

I have another room reveal up my sleeve for you…however, it’s not technically a room. It’s just the corner of our living room (I’ll be fully revealing the whole living room sometime later this summer). Because we live in a small bungalow, we need our furniture to be both functional and practical. In other words, we needed this corner to store shoes, coats, hats, and other necessary house items. Closets and storage space is sparse around here!

We had our eye on the Samantha Entryway Collection from Pottery Barn, but we ran across two problems. First and foremost, it was out of our price range. And secondly, it was too wide for the wall we were working with.

Alternate View

To solve both of these issues, we commissioned a local woodworker, which meant we could customize the size of the piece and it was much more affordable(not to mention we were supporting a small, local business – always a plus!). 

The results? See below…




And for those of you who religiously follow Restored Style, you’ll remember meeting my letter N from Athropologie a few weeks ago. Well, it resides on the entryway bench. It’s the first thing you see when you open our front door and I think it makes quite the statement.



The baskets seen in the above photos are stuffed with stuff. We LIVE in our home and I hope that comes across in the photos I post on Restored Style. The scarfs are always changing, I actually wear those rain boots (remember, I live in rainy Portland), and Kyle digs into the baskets daily to find his beloved hats. This piece helps us organize our chaotic lives and is a great catch-all for workout bags, purses and my keys, which I’m constantly “misplacing”…