Our Basement…So Close!

Are you guys sick of me talking about our basement? Good. Because I am too. I promise, we are oh so close to the end of the road on this renovation. No, really. We are realllly close. We just need two sinks installed (the bathroom and the laundry room) and then we’ll be in business. In fact, we are so close to wrapping up this project that I was going to snap some photos with my mighty Nikon this weekend, but a friend is actually borrowing my camera, so a few detailed iPhone sneak peek photos will have to suffice for now.

As you can see, we went with a fairly neutral color palette to keep things nice and fresh, as basements tend to feel dark and gloomy. More to come from me this week!

August Pinterest Favorites

I know this post is titled “August Pinterest Favorites” but I should really call it “Things I Want To Buy For Myself But Never Will.” The latter title is much more authentic, but I guess I’ll stick with the original one since it’s tradition. A girl can dream, right?

For sources to the above products, follow me on Pinterest here.

A Simple, Slipcovered Ottoman


I originally posted about this ottoman waaay back in March of 2011. Yes, 2011. I told you all about my inspiration ottoman (photos below via Bryn Alexandra), gave you options to help me select a fabric, and then to be frank, never got my act together and actually made the slipcover. So very typical of me and my busy brain.



Well, nearly 3 1/2 years later(!!!), this project is officially complete. I finally commissioned a local sewer to create the cover (funny how quickly things come together when you hire someone else to do the work), and I’m happy I get to check this off my “To Do” list. We’re trying to use what we currently have to furnish and decorate the basement, so I dusted off (literally) both the fabric and the ottoman and was determined to make them work for our new basement living area.

To recap, this is what the ottoman looked like when I purchased it off Craigslist many moons ago…



And here’s where we are today…

slipcoverd ottoman slipcovered ottoman

No styling has taken place yet, but folks, we have a new slipcovered ottoman…and it was worth the wait.

Have a happy week!