More Basement Updates

Hi friends! I’m back from a much needed vacation in Sun Valley and I have a few basement photos to share. It’s hard to believe we began dreaming about this project in January….and it’s now July. To tell you the truth, I don’t even remember where we last left off in the basement diaries, but here’s the latest and greatest…

Oddly enough, the bathroom – the room I thought would take the longest time to come together – is nearly complete. In fact, I even used the toilet for the first time today (TMI?). Below are a few snaps of the current state of the bathroom, and I also have a few photos of items that will be installed in the room soon.  The faucet for the space arrived last week, and for only $100, I’m pretty pumped with it.

basement bathroom photo 1-8

photo 3-6 basement bathroom

The wallpaper that I’ve mentioned to you guys is shown above. Although I’m really liking the walls above the wainscoting without the wallpaper, I do have an itch to wallpaper something. I guess time will tell if it makes it on the walls in the bathroom. Your vote?

The laundry closet is also close to being completed. I’m dragging my feet on purchasing a sink for the space, but as you’ll see below, I have the wall mount faucet – halfway there! We’ll add shelves above the appliances, and maaaaaybe a built-in around the washer/dryer.

laundry closet

laundry closet

laundry faucet

What’s next? The carpet arrives on Wednesday…and then it will just be details. I say just details, but we all know those take the longest to come together:).

June Pinterest Favorites

Sweet friends! I am here. Alive and well. And busy. And so very ready for summer! You? We are hoping to have our basement project wrapped up soon so we can escape down there when the temps begin to rise. More to come on the basement front soon!

Since June is winding down, it’s time for Pinterest favorites….

For sources, follow me on Pinterest here. Cheers to July and all the summer goodies next month brings:).

Basement Details

Morning, friends! It’s feeling like summer around these parts and all of this sunshine is such a welcomed sight. The city is alive. Folks are out and about and there’s just a cheerful feeling in the air. Not much beats Portland in the summer.

I last left off with a basement update, so let’s pick it up there. Here are a few new happenings…

Our 2 inch hex GLOSSY tile arrived. I’m placing an emphasis on glossy, because it was hard to find. For whatever reason, I had my heart set on glossy, and when that happens, it’s trouble. Nothing else will do. We’re doing 2 inch glossy hex on the bathroom floor, glossy penny tile on the shower floor, and the staple white glossy subway tile for the shower surround.

white hex glossy tile

Oh yes! The built-in came this week. It’s not totally painted here, but you can still get a good feeling  for how it’s going to look. The area to the right of the fireplace was suuuuper tricky. We had soffits to deal with and a funky fireplace layout, but I think we made it work. And yes, we painted the stucco fireplace white…it was a tough call, but I can always go back to gray if I regret my white paint decision later:). I’m still trying to figure out a mantel….

fireplace built-in

And the bedroom is looking like a bedroom! It gets really amazing light and it feels bright and airy with a fresh coat of white paint.

basement bedroom

I can’t finish this post without telling you how nervous I am to install the wallpaper in the basement bathroom. Am I nutty to try this? On my own? Please tell me if I’ve lost my mind. I can’t help but think I’m going to hang this gorgeous wallpaper all wrong and crooked and then I’m inevitably going to find myself in tears. Yiiiiiiikes.


Stucco Love

Morning, friends! I successfully survived my two scheduled sales this last weekend. I joked that I should throw a garage sale every spring because it was such a fun way to see friends! And, it’s also a great way meet some of you lovely blog readers. Thank you for coming by!

What’s the latest on the basement? Welllll, after going back and forth about what to do with the fireplace downstairs (paint? plank? stucco?), we decided to go with stucco. It’s a look I have been loving lately, and we’ve never experimented with this texture before, so we decided to take the leap. The guys were actually working away on the stucco while we were manning the garage sale, so I didn’t get to snap any progress pics, but I can tell you that we are really happy with the end result. See ya later, dated red brick!

stucco fireplace photo 2-5 photo 1-5

The master plan is to paint it white, but after seeing the cement gray….I do love that look/color too!. Thoughts? Opinions? Spill it!