Stucco Love

Morning, friends! I successfully survived my two scheduled sales this last weekend. I joked that I should throw a garage sale every spring because it was such a fun way to see friends! And, it’s also a great way meet some of you lovely blog readers. Thank you for coming by!

What’s the latest on the basement? Welllll, after going back and forth about what to do with the fireplace downstairs (paint? plank? stucco?), we decided to go with stucco. It’s a look I have been loving lately, and we’ve never experimented with this texture before, so we decided to take the leap. The guys were actually working away on the stucco while we were manning the garage sale, so I didn’t get to snap any progress pics, but I can tell you that we are really happy with the end result. See ya later, dated red brick!

stucco fireplace photo 2-5 photo 1-5

The master plan is to paint it white, but after seeing the cement gray….I do love that look/color too!. Thoughts? Opinions? Spill it!




Garage Sale + Schoolhouse Sample Sale

Morning, friends!

Clearly I’m in sale mode as I have TWO different sales to share with you today. The first is our own  garage sale happening this Saturday, May 31st. We’re reeeaaaally trying to simplify our life and only keep what we actually use everyday so I mean it when I say we have quality stuff up for grabs. Furniture. Nearly new kitchen goods. Pillows. Fabric. Art. Vases. And lots and lots of decor items! Here’s the scoop:

When: Saturday, May 31st
Time: 9 am – 3 pm-ish (depending on traffic and what’s left to sell)
Where: 5307 SW 33rd Drive, 97239

Also, my second home (Schoolhouse Electric) is having a sample sale this Friday-Sunday. I checked out the goods earlier this week, and again, there’s super great prices on everything from rugs to hardware. I’ll be out on the store floor on Friday, and I always love seeing familiar faces. If you are in the area, come on by!


Cheers to a happy weekend!


Basement Renovation Update

For those of you who read my last post that stated this month I’d post often…well, I lied. Shoot. I’m not exactly sure how this month got away from me, but it did. I do have at least a few posts up my sleeve this week, so at least I’ll finish this month with a few solid entries:).

Where are we at with the basement remodel? We’re in the not-so-sexy stage. New plumbing is in. Walls are up (!!!) and tile should be this week. And Friday should be delivery of the new TV built-in. So things are happening, which means progress photos to follow soon! Right now, everything just looks like a big white box, but it’s a heck of an improvement from where we began.

Here’s what will be our fourth bedroom…

basement_progress basement_progress3

And here’s what will be our family room and new laundry closet…

basement_progress1 basement_progress

The walls, doors, built-ins, and even our fireplace (thinking stucco over the brick?) will all be painted Benjamin Moore’s white dove. I know, boring. But a basement needs lots of light, and what better way to reinforce bright and airy than with white paint:)? The downstairs bathroom is coming along too, but I’ll wait to snap photos until the tile is installed, as right now it doesn’t look too impressive…lots of scraps and dust in a small space!

Again, I promise I’ll be around more this week! Promise.

{Design Board} Basement Bathroom

Morning! Things have been sloooowly happening downstairs, and I thought I should update you guys on where we are on our basement project. We ended up needing to replace all of the plumbing in the house, so that’s what we’ve been working on these past few weeks. Or rather, that’s what our plumber has been doing. The silver lining in this project is that we’ll have a nice wall-mounted faucet in the laundry room, and the plumbing in the new bathroom will be top-notch.

Speaking of basement bathroom…it currently looks really, really scary.

See, it’s pretty creepy, right? But! I have high hopes for this bathroom. It has a window and some good square footage to work with. What am I envisioning?

Well…I threw together a quick and dirty design board for our basement bathroom. I’m thinking black and brass and some wainscoting thrown in the mix. And yes, a little wallpaper too! As you might remember, I flirted with the idea of wallpaper in our guest bathroom, but we decided to plank the walls instead. This will be our third and final bathroom remodel in this house, so I thought it was now or never on the wallpaper front:).

basement bath on restored style

Anything you love? Anything you hate? Spill it.

I’m thinking May will be a good blogging month for me, meaning I’ll try to be around these parts more:). Have a happy week!