{I SPY!} The Animal Print Shop

Hi friends!

I planned on posting about The Animal Print Shop months ago, but for whatever reason, that never happened. Then, I kept seeing prints from this shop everywhere. On a friend’s registry, in design boards, on Pinterest…everywhere. So I figured it was a sign. Everyone should know about this sweet and super affordable online shop.

Independent artist Sharon Montrose is behind the online art gallery and store, and her photographs feature real, live animals. Some images are too cute for words, while others take on their own sophisticated look. Who knew an extra large buffalo could look so good in a living room?

And those little darling animals below?

animal print shop

I die. So sweet and perfect for a nursery.


Portland Blogger Ride at BurnCyle

Morning! Something that doesn’t make it on this blog too often is my love of sports + fitness. I played every sport imaginable growing up and throughout college…and then I married a personal trainer. So now I’m pretty much married to fitness, for better or worse. To me, there’s no better high than sweating it out and pushing your body to its limit. Which is why I’m so pumped about the upcoming blogger ride at BurnCycle, a new spinning studio located in Portland’s Pearl District. It’s rad. And I’m hooked. It’s the best 45 minute cardio workout EVER and the space and the vibe and the music are the best. The bessssst.


This FREE ride is open to bloggers of all sorts – home, fitness, fashion, mommyhood, or anything else in between. It’s a chance to meet other bloggers, get in a crazy ridiculous amazing workout, and then drink champagne. Yes, champagne at the end of the workout. My kind of party.


You in? I hope so! RSVP to Kiki at the email address above and she’ll give you the details on the ride. Spots are limited, so hurry. Fast! I’m excited to see some familiar faces, and hopefully meet some new folks on the 26th!

Basement Family Room Progress

Helllllo! I’m back. The last few weeks were fast and furious at work (new Spring line coming soon!), but after a restful weekend, I’ve found a little time to blog. Plus! We have a basement renovation happening over here. Or rather, we’re deep in the planning stages of it all. No one has picked up a hammer yet, but hopefully soon.

Since I’m beginning to think about paint colors and tile, I thought it was a good idea to throw together a super quick basement family room design board, just so I can wrap my head around the look and feel we’re going for down there. A few bits of info about our plans…

We plan on placing a smooth stucco texture over the current red brick fireplace, and painting it white. We also plan on installing a rustic mantel, again, very similar to the one in the board below. We’ll be putting in a white built-in right next to the fireplace, which will house our TV and give us some storage as well – see my sketchy/messy diagram below to make sense of my vision:)…

basement before


Luckily, I already have a number of items in the design board from our last house (white couch, fabric, ottoman, etc.), so I’m hoping I’ll be able to stick to a tight budget when it comes to furnishing the space.

Restored Style Basement Ideas

And even though this is an itty-bitty image, you can somewhat get a feel for the layout of the area…

basement floor plan from restored syle

Of course, I plan on keeping you guys updated throughout this basement project. We’re hoping this will be a fairly straight-forward project, but then again, I don’t really know if “straight-forward” projects exist in this household:)?

Have a happy week!

March Pinterest Favorites

Good morning! It’s been far too long since my last Pinterest favorites post, so here we go!

If you are on the hunt for sources, follow me on Pinterest here. Cheers to a happy week!