Personalized Napkins

Morning, folks!

I hope this Monday finds you full and happy. I managed to eat my little heart out for four straight days, so today, the cleanse begins…

Last weekend, I took one of Modern Domestic’s free mini classes. As usual, I had a delightful time and I came home with a little personalized napkin in tow. I’m a beginner when it comes to sewing, and I loved this little project because it was quick and fairly simple. I just hopped on the crazy high-tech BERNINA Aurora 450 sewing machine, and held on for the ride. The hardest part of the entire class was choosing what kind of pattern I wanted on the napkin (so many pretty decorative stitches!), and the rest was history. I’m not going to dive into a full tutorial, as Modern Domestic has already done a fabulous one here, but here’s a few photos of my mini-class and my lovely finished napkins.

I started off with a pre-cut piece of 18×18 fabric, and then carefully measured and marked my lines where I wanted to sew the decorative stitching on both ends of the napkin.

From there, I sat down at my mighty BERNINA┬ámachine, programmed in my stitch, and started sewing…

I choose a fairly intricate stitch on one end of my napkin, and on the other end, I played around with the alphabet setting. I told my machine to spell out EAT, and it did. No joke. And so easy!

I serged the sides of the napkin, and then, in a blink of an eye, I brought home new napkins. It was easy. And if I say it was easy, it was.

Here they are resting nicely on my table.

You bet I’m coming back for more. I’m already dreaing up some holiday napkins, which I will share soon:).

Lots of goodies to come on the blog this week, including this year’s FREE holiday download. Get excited….


4 thoughts on “Personalized Napkins

  1. [email protected] Blue Said:

    Wow…awesome job!! I’m working on pinch pleats right now and it’s really testing my patience, haha!

  2. derek Said:

    Oh wow, that is so cool. I love the stitch pattern you used. Great post.

  3. kristin Said:

    that is so cute. thanks for letting us know how easy it is and that it’s an option at Mod. Dom. I love your color choices.


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