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This post brought to you by Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

Holiday tablescapes are heavenly to create, and luckily this year, Pier 1 offered to give my table a new look. Armed with a $50.00 gift card, I spent hours in the store, meandering around. Pier 1 was almost buried in holiday gifts. So much fun stuff to look at, not enough time. Of course I didn’t spend the entire time in the holiday section. I made my way through the gift wrap, candles, mirrors, dishware…the thing about Pier 1 is that they truly have everything. Really, everything. There were some killer deals in the clearance section and their overall decor was all incredibly affordable – it’s almost like it’s guilt-free shopping. Almost.

Now, let’s get down to business. I snapped a few photos of some of my favorite holiday items…they included gorgeous candle holders, the prettiest napkin rings around town, and of course lots of wonderful holiday dishware and table decor.








And, of course I spotted a number of items that were totally unrelated to the holidays that tickled my fancy, so I snapped a few photos of those too…


And what did I end up purchasing? It was such a tough call, but I decided to buy 6 round red placements, 6 white napkins and 6 fabulous bird plates (two red, two green and two yellow) for my tablescape.

Six bird plates at $5.00 each = $30.00

Six white Ric Rac napkins at $2.95 each = $17.70

Six round jute place mats in ketchup at $6.00 each = $36.00

Luckily, Pier 1 was offering 20% off their place mats and napkins, so with that discount, along with my $10.00 off coupon I found in a recently mailed catalog, my $50.00 gift card took care of  everything but about $10.00. Incredibly affordable, right? So I paid my bill, and then I got home and started arranging.

And arranging, and rearranging until I landed on this tablescape.

I went with the ketchup colored place mats because I loved the richness of them as well as the texture. I thought they’d go perfectly with our farmhouse table. As for the fabulous bird plates, the second I saw them I knew I had to have them. Again, the colors are rich, and I love having three different place setting colors on one table. And of course, the overall bird pattern is too cute for words. When it came time to choosing napkins, it was truly a tough call because Pier 1 has a number of  wonderful white napkin options. If you are looking for white napkins, go there. They have numerous styles  – I guarantee there is one there for you. I landed on the Ric Rac, as they were fun and brought a much less traditional feel to the table. No stuffy business around these parts. Also, there is truly nothing like brand spankin’ new white napkins. So clean and crisp. I die. Isn’t it amazing what only three items and $50.00 can do for a table? Thank you Pier 1 for being so darn affordable!

As for everything else in the photo, I had it at home already. I’ll be showing you how to create the no-sew table runner I have on the table later this month, and the candle holders and large center pitcher were items I recently inherited. The log candle holders I created for my wedding, and they bring an unexpected rustic elegance to the table. The tea lights are from Ikea and the small glittery stars are from Pottery Barn.

A big thanks to Pier 1 for the opportunity to create a new tablescape for the holidays. Every time I get home from work, the table is the first thing I see…is it time for Christmas dinner yet?

 Last but not least…during December, you can support Toys for Tots by dropping off an unwrapped toy and/or making a cash donation at the register at Pier 1. 

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10 thoughts on “Pier 1 Imports Holiday Tablescape

  1. Megan Clark Said:

    Amazing! This looks great. I loooove the birdie plates.

  2. Ashley Said:

    Love those plates! Did you make those napkin holders? So festive, yet so simple. I knew I recognized those log candle holders! Also, I hope you thought of me when taking a photo of those great bags :)

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  4. Mia Said:

    I just spotted this tablescape over at Special Occasion and I am so happy to discover your awesome blog! The berries with the table runner are beautiful, and I love how you paired the rosemary with a little bell and twine in lieu of napkin rings. So happy to discover your awesome blog. One question, where did you get that table? I have been searching for a rustic farmhouse table forever…

    1. kirsten Said:

      Hi Mia! Thanks so much for visiting Restored Style! Love it. We actually had the table built. We used old barn boards from my husband’s home town and that way we could build the table to fit the size of our dining room. I’d give you the name of the builder, but it’s probably of no use to you unless you live in Oregon:)?

  5. Mia Said:

    Wow. That’s talent. I am not in Oregon so I guess I have to try to make one myself. Scary! But, I posted your lovely table on my blog with a link back to you.

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