Pillow Options

I’m in the mood for some updated pillows for our white couch, and I’ve been playing around with a few different color and fabric combinations. Any favorites thus far?

All of the above pillows can be purchased on etsy (love that!) and they are also pinned in my pillow pinterest board. As you can tell, I’m leaning toward a green/grey/blue theme.

And this is our current wall color (Copley Grey by Benjamin Moore) and rug I’m working with:

Any thoughts, friends? Or any other pillow fabrics I must know about or favorite etsy sellers? Do share!

9 thoughts on “Pillow Options

  1. PineTreeHome Said:

    I really like both of the choices, but I think the second option goes better with you room. Happy Shopping.

  2. Lisa Frank Said:

    I’d vote for #2 to tie in more of the blue. I’m always inspired to see your living room because we have a Craftsman bungalow in North Portland that is pretty much an exact replica of your space, except for an open doorway where your couch is. We are starting the redecorating process and seeing how you’ve done your room is such a help! I’ve been considering painting the inside of our bookshelves {we just painted the room BM Bennington Grey} and now I have a picture of how it would look! :)

  3. Mindy Said:

    Green, green and more green. Okay, I may be a little partial, but I think it’s the perfect color. Plus, it would tie in with Christmas decor. :o )

  4. erin Said:

    try this seller on ebaY. I’ve bought pillows from them and they are great quality for the price! $25 for TWO PILLOW covers!! This link is to a certain set of pillows but just click to veiw thier store. They are set in Uzbekistan so shipping takes a little longer but you can’t bet the price! I found this shop through the blog almodemaven.


  5. HMC Said:

    They are all great! I have been searching eBay for a good deal on the Chiang Mai dragon fabric to make pillows.. So if I am successful I will let you know :)

  6. Beth Said:

    Love the look of your living room. Where did u fiind your striped rug?

  7. Cindy Said:

    I love your room and it’s very similar to my living room! The sizes of your chairs are just perfect – can you let me know where you purchased them!
    Thank you


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