Pillow Sewing Success

Morning, friends!

I don’t know about you, but I feel jipped – I seriously missed my hour yesterday. All day I felt like I was behind. Three cheers for more daylight, but bummer about one less weekend hour.

On Saturday I spent four hours at Modern Domestic (yes, four!) learning how to construct a piped pillow. I did come home with a finished pillow, but I just happened to choose 1/2 inch piping, and apparently, the thicker the the piping, the harder it is to sew. Who knew?! At the start of the class, I just had these items…


And I left with this…




And I’m especially proud of my zipper!


I’m working on pillow #2 and both of these will reside on our guest bed downstairs. I’m hoping to finish pillow #2 next weekend and I’ll be happy to check this sewing project off my list!

As for the fabric, it’s Robert Kaufman’s leaf from Metro Living and can be found here. There are also dozens of other colors in this same print¬†and all of them are super beautiful.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy week:)!

4 thoughts on “Pillow Sewing Success

  1. Heather J Said:

    Your pillow looks great, I have never attempted piping before…yours looks good!

  2. Samantha Said:

    I love that pillow!! Great job!

    You always find the greatest fabrics! I wish we had a good fabric store here besides JoAnns!

  3. Kim at Yellow Brick Home Said:

    Oh, how I wish I could sew! Although, that might also be dangerous.

    Looks perfect – and I’m so glad you went with the thicker piping!

  4. Lauren Said:

    I love modern domestic, I just bought mt first sewing machine there! And I looked into taking this class too!! Nicely done! I love everything you’ve made!


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