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Morning lovelies!

I had a few projects go south this weekend, and I can’t help but be a bit frustrated – I’m done with painting for awhile. More on my laughable crafts later in the week. For now, I’m turning my attention to these spectacular address stamps from a number of different etsy sellers. Which do I choose?!

{Via foryoo on etsy – $21.95}

return address stamp

{Via Note Trunk – $19.95}

return address stamp

{Via Primele – $35.00}

{Via Note Trunk – $21.95}

return address

{Via Note Trunk – $21.95}

{Via Perch Papiers – $52.00}

{Via Paper Pastries – $110.00 for collection}

{Via Save the Date – $23.95}

See! So many adorable options. Any favorites? Do tell!

Have a happy week!

10 thoughts on “Please return to…

  1. katie s Said:

    I am partial to the last one because I used that font on my wedding invitations! But they are all so great!

  2. [email protected] Said:

    I love this roundup! I was just hunting through Etsy myself on Saturday night looking for an address stamp of some sort, after seeing this one linked from Oh, hello friend.

    Still haven’t been able to make up my mind yet. Perhaps more than one is necessary ;-)

  3. Lila Said:

    I am loving 1, 2, 6, & 8. I was just looking at some of these on etsy a couple weeks ago. Thought it would be a really fun house warming gift to myself when we are able to buy our own place. A little down the road, but always fun to dream…

  4. HMC Said:

    What fun! I like the Bloom one the best. But they are all great!! I was just starting to design Christmas cards this weekend! Good timing!

  5. [email protected] Blue Said:

    Wow, what a tough choice…I love them all! I think I like the last one by Save the Date best, though :)

  6. Maggie Said:

    I used NoteTrunk for my wedding invites + thank you notes, and I have been so pleased!

  7. Meg Said:

    LOVE all of these. Great finds!!

  8. jess Said:

    Hmmm…I really need one of those!

  9. reubenvision Said:

    well my favorites would have to be
    (in no order) #1 #5 & #6
    ~its a toughie

  10. Jenny Smith Said:

    Great Post! Derek and I just ordered one for our save the dates. Thanks for your help!!


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