{Progress} Second Bathroom Vanity

Morning friends!

It was super lovely and sunny here in Portland on Saturday, but on Sunday, it rained. The cloudy weather gave me a good excuse to paint and work on our second bathroom remodel. I painted my heart out (for 6 hours!), caulked our trim and wall planks, and finally cleaned up all the dust that had been gathering in the room. In way more exciting news, our marble vanity top arrived! Our new light isn’t installed yet, so the lighting is poor and these are just iPhone photos, but here it is in all its glory…
second bath progress2

second bath progress1

second bath progress

second bath progress3

Restored Style bathroom remodel in progress

The faucet is not installed, which is why it’s leaning a bit:). I nabbed it at Home Depot for  only $74. The marble is mountain white danby (honed + 3cm) and I really, really love it. The color is brighter and much warmer than it’s reading in the above photos, but you get the idea…

The cabinet faces and drawers are coming this week. Pretty soon we’ll have a complete vanity on our hands. Yes!

8 thoughts on “{Progress} Second Bathroom Vanity

  1. [email protected] Blue Said:

    LOVE the marble – honed perfection! Great choice!

  2. Ashley Said:

    The marble is beautiful!

    Does honed mean that it is better at resisting stains from water spots? I keep hearing that marble is really hard to take care of but I love it so much.

    1. kirsten neiman Said:

      Thanks Ashley! Word on the street is that honed marble doesn’t show wear as easily. We have honed marble kitchen countertops and I was really nervous about them, but so far, they’ve held up really nicely.

  3. Laney Said:

    Lovely! So classic and clean!

  4. katie Said:

    wow, barely recognize it! good work kir!

  5. ErinY Said:

    Woohoo for Kohler products! And bigger woohoo for you awesome-so-far bathroom!

  6. Ashley J Said:

    Kir! You are making my dream home! Gooodnesss! :)


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