Quick Change! From black to white…

This weekend my soul felt alive. We had our first blue sky and WARM weekend day of 2011 and it’s amazing what sunshine can do to your spirit. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but I can handle rain during the week, if it’s sunny on the weekends. In short, we visited the farmer’s market, read magazines in the sun (or rather, Kyle mowed the lawn while I caught up on a huge stack of magazines I’ve been meaning to tackle), made iced coffees, barbecued, had a few fun visitors (which I’ll blog about later this week!) and I’m actually caught up on house chores, which will last about 18 hours when I’m sure I’ll fall behind again.

I also managed to finish up a project I’ve been meaning to share with you guys…remember our hutch in our kitchen area? I transformed it from black to white. It’s antique white now and I think I like it. It lightens up the room and gives it more room to breathe.


hutch before photo


hutch after photo

hutch after photo

Of course, with a new paint color, I felt like I had to switch out a few items on the hutch. I didn’t buy anything for this quick re-do, I just grabbed a few things I had in other rooms and did a little switcher-roo.

hutch after photo

hutch after photo

I’m on a white paint terror…what furniture item is next?

Cheers to a great week!

8 thoughts on “Quick Change! From black to white…

  1. traceyf68 Said:

    Love the white! The details of the piece just pop now. Everything looks so sunny and bright in that area of your kitchen. Great job Kirsten!

  2. craftosaurus Said:

    I’m smiling over here because I’ve been on a black paint terror (coffee table post forthcoming this week), and now I know who’s balancing out the universe for me. I must say, the antique white looks fantastic on that piece. Nice work!

  3. heather j Said:

    It’s a great feeling when the sun comes out! Glad you saw some sun this weekend. Loving the white on the hutch. Looks great!

  4. Jenn Said:

    Wasn’t is a glorious pdx weekend! I spent as much time outside as possible … and even got a tiny bit of a tan YAH!
    I really like this little makeover. The white looks great. I also LOVE how you displayed the stipey straws. Super cute :)

  5. Jeri Said:

    ooo I love it!! It’s gorgeous!! You just inspired me to paint my black island in the kitchen! I always thought it was too dark ever since I painted the door next to it black. Good job!!

  6. [email protected] Blue Said:

    Great job! The white looks so fun and fresh!

  7. [email protected] Said:

    Love love love your blog! And the white makes that piece look so airy – it is perfect. And those fun straws are like icing on the cake!

  8. leslie Said:

    love the re-do and love the curtains!! where’d you get them/ the fabric?


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