Right around the bend…2013

You may have noticed…I’m taking a much needed break from the blog. At times, 2012 was overwhelming. To the point of tears overwhelming. A full-time job, a large scale home remodel, a wonderful side design business, and a few other things (moving 3 times, planning parties, trying to be a good wife/friend/daughter) were too much to handle at once. I learned my lesson. Mark my words – 2013 will be the year of balance, and hopefully some change too. I have a long list of goals and high hopes for the coming year, and I’m sure I’ll delve into some of those items on this little blogitty blog.

As you ring in the new year, bask in the opportunity that 2013 brings. New life. New adventures. New challenges.

A great year it will be…I’m so glad I get to share it with you guys! Cheers to 2013 and all that lies ahead.

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