Have you guys heard of A designer pal of mine introduced me to this website, and for someone who loves taking photos but isn’t exactly the editing type (ME!), Rollip is just what the doctored ordered. Rollip gives you access to 40 high quality photo effects and is a super affordable service. For a mere $2.99, you get 15 photos credits, which equals 15 WAY better photos than you had before. See for yourself…





I transformed this photo with a single click of my mouse (I used the “added character” effect on the picture above). Rollip essentially transforms  everyday photos into frame-worthy art. Which brings me to the point of this post…Rollip can save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars on wall art because it essentially helps you make your own beautiful prints. Rollip’s effects work great on people photos too – I went to town on some of my wedding photos and tried every effect on the site. So…get out those old pictures and “edit” your heart out!

Lastly, extra credit points for anyone who can name where I took the above photo. HINT: It’s one of my favorite places in Central Oregon!

6 thoughts on “

  1. Blair Said:

    Looks like the Deschutes looking back to the west towards the Cascades, probably Bachelor if it is taken near Sunriver. So there is my guess, along the Deschutes at Sunriver.

  2. derek Said:

    Just checked out the different effects – great find, I’m working on some digital photo canvas prints for my entry way and I’m thinking about using – Thanks!

  3. Jacob O'Brien Said:

    green lakes?

  4. Jacob O'Brien Said:

    or somewhere before either the big eddy or parking lot to access trail to meadow camp. Something like that:)

    1. kirsten Said:

      Such good guesses guys! It’s actually right across from the lodge at Black Butte Ranch. Gotta love Central Oregon:).

  5. Afton Said:

    glad it’s coming in handy!


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