Second Bathroom Design Board

Morning, friends!

It seems like our house renovation is either at a stand-still, or we have too many projects to handle. Isn’t that how life works though? I mentioned last week that we’re tackling the fireplace, and we’re also currently renovating our guest/second bathroom.

Here’s the quick designed board I drew up…and we’re running with it!

Restored Style guest bathroom

TheĀ original board I created for this room is below, and the plan has changed quite a bit. Why? Because after living here for 6 months, I’ve realized this bathroom is very dark, and it needs lots of light and bright colors. In other words, white needs to be the main shade in this window-less bathroom.

guest bathroom design board from Restored Style

I also played around with wallpaper options, but it ended up being too spendy to move forward with. One day, I WILL have a room full of wallpaper, it’s just not going to be in this particular space:(.

Tomorrow, I’ll post plenty of “before” bathroom photos. This might be the most righteous room in the house, as it currently has pink countertops, 19th century beauty salon cartoon wallpaper (no joke), and linoleum floors. Once again, everything in this room is original to the home. I think we’re seeing a pattern here…this house is as original as it gets.

10 thoughts on “Second Bathroom Design Board

  1. Heather Said:


    Is the sink in your original board (the square white one) a wall mounted sink? If so, what’s the brand? I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect wall mounted sink!

    Also, what’s the name of the striped shower curtain?

    Thank you!

    1. kirsten neiman Said:

      Hi Heather! Sadly it’s not a wall mounted sink, it’s just one that sits on the countertop:(. The shower curtain is from etsy!

  2. Skye Said:

    Love everything about it!

  3. Virginia Said:

    Love this! Where is the medicine cabinet from, in the second design board? Have been on the hunt for something similar… can’t wait to see how your bathroom turns out!

    1. kirsten neiman Said:

      Hi Virginia! It’s from Pottery Barn, and we actually ended up using it in our master bathroom in the polished nickel color. I love it!

  4. Kate Said:

    I just perked up when I saw your design board…that’s my bathroom! Excellent choices! Crate and Barrel also have some cute wire baskets for under the vanity. :) We actually had a cabinet maker make an exact replica of the vanity because the one at Pottery Barn was a few inches too long and we special ordered the carrara marble countertop from Home Depot – ended up saving money!

    1. kirsten neiman Said:

      Thanks for all the tips, Kate! Glad to know we’re heading in a good direction:).

      1. HMC Said:

        We did the same thing! And it was fun to pick out the marble ourselves :)

  5. Mercedes Said:

    I love both designs, but am partial to an all white bathroom. I think the bathroom is the one room in a house where the term “sterile” is not a bad thing. I am currently picking out fixtures for my bathroom reno and I have to know where the polished nickel sink faucet in your second design board is from?


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