Still in the works: painted staircase


I had two projects that I vowed to finish this weekend, and come Sunday night, I’m 1 for 2. The painted staircase is so, so close to being done, but it’s not 100% ready for its grand reveal. BUT, I do have progress pictures, and I promise I will show-off the finished project sometime this week. You see, paint takes awhile to dry, and I certainly didn’t want to mess up anything I’d already completed. So, here’s where we are at…

The runner is done, and the lines are somewhat straight (don’t look too close). Hallelujah! A few of you asked what type of paint I used and/or how I plan on protecting my stairs from the elements, and I decided to go with Benjamin Moore’s floor paint. I **believe** since I’m using quality paint that is only meant for floor use, I should be good to go with just paint, and no sealer. That’s at least the feedback I got at the hardware store. ¬†Only time will tell, I guess. Thoughts on that, friends?

Now, all that’s left is stenciling these numbers on the stairs, and then I can cross this project off my long “to do” list.

I’m technically supposed to let the floor paint dry overnight (I did two coats of paint on the runner, allowing each coat to dry for 12 + ¬†hours), which is why I didn’t feel comfy taping the stencils to the stairs on Sunday. In short, here’s a little collage of the transformation thus far…

One thing to flag – these are our BASEMENT stairs, so they are a bit wonky. Nothing is straight or perfect, which you can see in the photos. I’ve realized that paint doesn’t cover everything, but from far away, it’s looking much better.

Lots more to tell you about this week – stay-tuned for more bloggity blog fun:).

3 thoughts on “Still in the works: painted staircase

  1. jenn Said:

    The runner looks fantastic! Seriously, how did you get the lines to straight …. even with tape, I find it impossible. For what it’s worth, on our back entry stairs, I used Home Depot brand (Behr? — I can never remember the brands) floor paint, no sealer, and it’s holding up awesome. I think you’ll be fine with just the paint.

    1. kirsten Said:

      Whew! Good to know Jenn – should have asked you this question when you were over! Thanks for your expert advice:).

  2. Scott Sidler Said:

    Love this project idea. Such a fun way to dress up a simple stairwell. Glad I stumbled onto your site today. Really enjoy the overall design of your site as well! Well done.


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