Store Spotlight: Vanillawood

Cheers to Friday, folks!

I’m super excited to bring you this store spotlight feature, because the team behind Vanillawood is super inspiring. They create beautiful, fun and unexpected rooms (think fabulous wallpaper and color!) and I love that about their style. Meet Vanillawood….

Name:  Kricken Yaker

Store:  Vanillawood

Store address:  1238 NW Glisan, Portland


Tell us about you – what’s your story?  Started Vanillawood 5 ½ years ago with my husband.  We started building spec houses and after being approached to design our style of home for others, the client part of our business was born.  Then about a year and a half ago, we were expecting our third son and looking to move our business from our home office, we stumbled upon this amazing location in the Pearl District and just knew it had to be more than a working studio, it begged to be a retail store where clients and anyone could touch and feel our work, ask questions and find something for their home.

Tell us about your shop – what products and services do you offer and what are you “known” for?  Full-service design & space planning, construction and interior design.  – Design. Build. Live. -  Custom furniture, vintage pieces re-envisioned with new fabrics, rockin’ wallpapers, lighting and those little touches that make a space your own.

Story behind your store’s name: When we were starting the company, we asked one of our dearest friends, Ezra, to help us name the company since he’s an amazing songwriter.  He came back with Vanillawood and we all knew that was it-it embodies what we are about and invokes a warm, organic feeling.

Favorite part about owning your shop:  That my kids can come and see where mommy and daddy work because bringing them along to client meetings is not always an option.  Meeting new people and seeing their reaction to our work – that it is meaningful and inspiring.  Sometimes it’s hard to know that when you are so close to it.

Favorite product in your store right now?  Graffiti artwork we had commissioned by a local artist for our one-year anniversary, I love the color and urban street feel against the modern aesthetic of our store.  Our new custom Beckett sideboard/buffet made of reclaimed wood from shipping palettes and high gloss white automotive paint.  It’s pretty slick and is made to order.

Where do you find inspiration?  Everywhere…shelter magazines, fashion, travel, film, my friends, my family…nature.

What’s your style? Organic contemporary with a touch of Hollywood glam

Most memorable store moment, customer or client?  Client – Trader Vic’s here in Portland.  Store Moment – Our grand opening a year ago, after running the design/build business from our home for several years, to have this space that we created and could share was a huge, huge moment for us.

Hottest trend of the season?  Pops of vivid color and wallpaper, but wallpaper is seasonless to me!

What does the future hold for your store?  Expanding our online store, which will mean more cool products, added to our specially curated offerings.

Can we find your store on Facebook and Twitter?  Yes! Visit us here and here.

Anything else you’d like to say?  Thank you, Kirsten!

Alright, what’s your favorite goodie in the above photos? So hard to name just one, isn’t it? Mine would have to be that square wood coffee table or that fun yellow pillow. So much eye candy, so little time. For all you out-of-towners, don’t fret. Many of these items are available online – visit Vanillawood’s virtual store here.

Thanks again to Kricken and James for letting us into their beautiful design world – wish we could stay forever!

Have a happy weekend:).

5 thoughts on “Store Spotlight: Vanillawood

  1. jenn Said:

    How have I NEVER heard of this store??? So beautiful … checking it out asap.

  2. Tracy Brynn Said:

    This is amazing! I love the use of color and different materials throughout. If only my home could be so exciting :) Sigh.

  3. Anne Lawrence Said:

    Kricken! I thought that was your store!! I haven’t seen you since my days at United Tile. I hope you are well and I can’t wait to stop in to Vanillawood and say hello. It has been far too many years. I can’t wait to catch up and talk about spaces and life. I just bought a place and your name has popped into my head a few times – “What would Kricken do?” Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

    1. Kricken Said:

      Hello Anne! Yes, yes, please do stop in and catch me up on all that you have been up to. I hope all is well and you are blazing a trail! I’m certain you are. Congrats on your new pad. Maybe the showroom will inspire some good ideas for the new casa. Cheers and see u soon I hope.


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