Summer Seltzer Water

Last week, Kyle and I were on the hunt for a refreshing, low-calorie beverage that we could make at home. I’m happy to report we found something that’s not only delicious, but it’s alcohol-friendly too! All you need are a few ingredients, and the beauty of this drink is you that you create it to your taste buds liking – add/subtract ingredients as you see fit. There’s no true measurements, we just threw mint, cut strawberries, cut cucumbers and squeezed a number of lemons into seltzer water and sat back and enjoyed our light drink.

Again, here’s the ingredient list…


Seltzer Water

Fresh strawberries




And here’s the result of our little concoction…

summer seltzer water
summer seltzer water
summer seltzer water
summer seltzer water

And as I mentioned above, Kyle quickly found out that this summer seltzer water is even better with a little gin in the mix…just pour a few shots in your drink, and sip away the summer.

I’d be remiss if I also didn’t point out how pretty this drink is. How perfect would it be in a pretty glass container at a summer BBQ?I love the vibrant colors-it screams summer!

3 thoughts on “Summer Seltzer Water

  1. Stacy Said:

    yay! I can’t wait to try this! and pssst….i’m totally sharing this recipe with MY blog readers!
    it’s so hot here in Nebraska… we’re melting and this drink is perfect. basil is also great! (but i’m sure you probably already knew that ; )

  2. Kate Said:

    I just discovered your blog yesterday and LOVE it! Already in my “favorites.” And I tried this lovely concoction last night…divine. Thanks for sharing all of your brilliantness with us!

  3. JoAnna Said:

    This sounds lovely! I wii have to try it!


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