Summer Weekends + Three Potato Four

Ohhhh weekends, aren’t they grand? The million dollar question is…where do they go? I feel like I blink and they are over. In an instant.

What did we do? A lot of barbecuing (think steak), some shrub transplanting (even worse than it sounds) and a berry picking outing with my little niece and nephew (even more fun than it sounds).

And last but not least, I had a wonderful backyard coffee date with a dear friend who mentioned I should check out Three Potato Four. And so I quickly drove home and immediately started stalking the online store. I feel like I’m mourning the fact that I am just now learning about this wonderful creation. Seriously, you must go and look at their online store right now. Like right now.

Here’s a glimpse of a few of my favorite things…

Collection of Small Antique Bottles - Set of 3

Collection of small bottles – $18.00

Hovis English Bread Tins - Small

Hovis English Bread Tin – $25.00

Numbered Tea Sample Tins

Numbered Tea Sample Tins – $26.00

3P4 Library Sign

Library Sign – $65.00

Set of Alphabet Gift Tags

Alphabet Gift Tags – $8.00

Mexican Wooden Sugar Cone Molds

Mexican Wooden Sugar Cane Molds – $45.00

Again, I advise you to take a peek at Three Potato Four right NOW. So. Much. Sweet. Stuff.

What should I buy first?

One thought on “Summer Weekends + Three Potato Four

  1. Two Lovely Spaces Said:

    Want the bread tin, and also want the alphabet gift tags. Thanks for sharing, I had never heard of this site. Thanks to your friend too!


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