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Bathroom Update


A few areas of the “new” house are starting to take shape and it’s fun to see things finally come together. As I mentioned last week, the master bathroom is our main area of focus right now, and we are nearly a week away from having a functional bathroom. Heck yes! The final stage of any project is when the fun stuff is installed, and this last week the tile was laid. I will let the progress pictures do the talking…



I took lots and lots of photos with the mighty Nikon, but we are currently living at my parent’s house right now(that’s another story) so these Instagram pictures will have to do for today. Word on the street is that we are getting stain put on our wood floors tomorrow, so I have a floor post up my sleeve for this week.

Cheers to a happy week!

New Home Project #1

Please excuse my Monday blog absence , I have moving on the brain! All of it. The packing (when should we start?), the transportation (how big of truck/how long do we need it?), and every other logistic has been running through my head. I can confidently say that moving is one of my least favorite things, and this will be our third time doing so this year. I am over it, to say the very least.¬†Anyway, today’s post ¬†is not about boring you with moving details. It’s way more exciting. We’re talking bathroom remodel!

Behind moving, the second thing swirling around in my crowded brain is orchestrating two major renovation projects in the next month. The first project in our new home will be the master bath. Yes, friends, I said MASTER. Prior to this home, Kyle and I have had only one bathroom and we honestly can’t believe we will have our own bathroom in this next house. Heck yes. BUT. Our new “master” bath is small. Tiny, actually. So we have to get creative and work with what we have, as we don’t have room in the budget to change the layout. So without further ado, here is what we are working with…


I know there will be LOTS and LOTS of future posts on this small room (and more pictures!), so for today, I’ll just stick with photos and a design board of what we are thinking about for this room. A few things to note….this room is not a good reflection of where we plan on taking the other rooms in the house style-wise. It’s much more stuffy and predictable than we like. However, because this is the “master” bath and because it is small (not much room for unique pieces/creative sink options/decor items) we want it to be comfortable and plush.

When might we begin tackling this project, you ask? If all goes well, we will get the keys next week and start renovating that same day…there’s not time to waste, we have a new bathroom on the brain.