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Fireplace Built-In


If you follow me on Instagram (@restoredstyle), you already know our mantle arrived this weekend! As I’ve mentioned before, we love the brick look, but without a mantel or anything else on the brick wall, we didn’t feel like we were really “using” the space. And we needed a place for our kitchen TV and extra storage and shelves are always a plus. So, a custom built-in was our answer to this brick wall.

I’m hesitant to post any photos of the finished mantle/fireplace built-in because it’s not styled yet. At all. But I’m going to do so anyway:). Here’s a quick photo progression of where we began, and where we are today…


brick fireplace renovation





We are a little sad the built-in hides the brick, as we loved that look, but this new piece makes living easy and practical, and we want this house to work hard for us. More up-close-and-personal mantle photos to come this week!

Fireplace Updates

Morning friends!

Lately, I have done a lot of talking about our kitchen. So much so, that I nearly forgot to fill you in on our dining area. It’s right next to the kitchen and our farmhouse table magically fits perfectly in front of our large fireplace. It’s a cozy space, but it will be a functional space soon too. We’ve commissioned our woodworker to build a large built-in to house a TV, a few bookshelves, and most importantly, a mantle.

As a refresher, this is what the space looked liked when we bought the place…

brick fireplace renovation

And this is where we are now…

brick fireplace renovation

brick fireplace renovation

We’re pretty pumped about the plans. Here they are in google sketch-up form.

The back of the built-ins will be open as we want as much brick to show as possible and the style will be somewhat similar to our kitchen island, except the built-ins will be painted white (Benjamin Moore’s white dove to be exact). The top shelf will hold our TV, the middle will house books, and the bottom cabinet will be storage for placements, napkins, and extra dishes. We are thinking practical is our first priority.

How did we come up with this layout? We played with painter’s tape for weeks, adjusting the size and dimensions of the potential built-in. When we finally landed on a layout we were happy with, we had our woodworker come and take final measurements, and all that’s left to do is wait…

The good news is our mantle should be in this weekend, which means photos to come next week! Stay-tuned…