TGIDIYFriday – Heart Day Treats!

It’s that time again – another installment of TGIDIYFriday is here! Today you can find me over at hi, friend and boy do we have a few goodies for you. Since Heart Day is almost here, hi, friend has generously whipped up FREE, downloadable labels.

Click, download, print, and love. It’s easy…and I make it even easier to spread the love, as my guest blog today showcases three different ways to package up treats for family and friends. Check it out here.

Happy crafting. Love is surely in the air!

5 thoughts on “TGIDIYFriday – Heart Day Treats!

  1. derek Said:

    I’m excited to checkout these downloads! Thanks for sharing Kirsten

    1. derek Said:

      By the way RS is looking good these days!

  2. derek Said:

    Cool new comment system. I like how it indents the replies to comments and marks them with a gray background. Much easy to follow the discussion this way

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