TGIDIYFRIDAY – Limoncello + Downloadable Labels

Hooray for the holidays!

I am tickled pink to unveil this month’s TGIDIYFRIDAY craft. It’s the perfect hostess gift, party drink, and it’s super festive and fun. To celebrate the season, we are making merry with lemons – limoncello is on the menu today! Hop on over to hi, friend today to learn how to make this lovely drink.

Also, the hi, friend gals have created FREE, downloadable labels for this month’s DIY. They truly make the drink. They are that lovely. With four different color options, the labels turn a regular bottle of limoncello into the perfect gift.

Will you be making Limoncello or some other holiday goodies this weekend? I will be woking on my second batch of the season, as my gift list keeps growing. Friends – be surprised when you receive this drink as a gift this year, okay?

Cheers to the holiday season! It’s truly a magical time of year and I want to soak up every last detail…


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