TGIDIYFriday – make your own terrarium

Once again, another month has blown by and it’s time for TGIDIYFriday. Hooray! Since Fall is here and we’ll be spending much of our time indoors, I thought it was appropriate to chat about DIY terrariums. Terrariums are pretty indoor gardens that are hearty and make a lovely decor piece as well. Anything works, as long as you follow the basic recipe for creating one.

You can find my terrarium recipe over at hi, friend today here.

Also, while you are there, don’t forget to check out the rest of  hi, friend’s goodies! So many lovely items, so little time.

Have a wonderful weekend!

2 thoughts on “TGIDIYFriday – make your own terrarium

  1. [email protected] Blue Said:

    Beautiful! Love the plants you chose :)

  2. derek Said:

    I’ve been wanting to make some terrariums for around the house for quite some time now. Thanks for the awesome instructions over at Hi, Friend. I’ll let you know how the project goes!


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